Nicole Menayo crowned Miss Grand Costa Rica 2018

17 Sep 2018 | Irina Silva

In a recent confirmation made by the official page of Miss Grand International, Nicole Menayo was crowned the official representative of Costa Rica in Miss Grand International 2018 to be held on 25th October 2018 in Myanmar.

Nicole is 24 years of age and stands tall with a height of 175 cm from Heredia. She comes from a Spanish and Costa Rican heritage and is professionally a lawyer and model. Nicole wants to make a positive impact in the world and knows how to work under pressure. Apart from her mother tongue, she can also speak English fluently.


Nicole Menayo crowned Miss Grand Costa Rica 2018


Nicole has had a lot of experience in the pageant world as she was Miss Mesoamérica International 2016 and was in the top 10 in Miss Supranational 2017 where she represented Costa Rica as Miss Supranational Costa Rica 2017. She will be able to handle herself quite well on stage due to her previous international delegacies.

Nicole took to her Instagram account to confirm the news, saying, “God, people around me and myself know how hard the struggle was to achieve going to Myanmar this 2018. And He is so wonderful that granted me the opportunity; He said “represent the country who raised you a peaceful heart and make sure to do anything in your reach to make this world a better one. Most importantly use your knowledge, your beauty and strength to unite people.” Wow. So blessed. So honored. Costa Rica, all this years without army, holding the Interamerican Human Rights Court using renewable energies has made us “ticos” peaceful souls, empathic, environmentally aware and so positive in many other areas. I am grateful this is how the universe wrote my story along with my decisions! This little paradise has supported me like never before and along with Miss Grand Costa Rica. I have found inside me a light it’s time to let shine.


Nicole Menayo crowned Miss Grand Costa Rica 2018


In the official confirmation post of Miss Grand International, they said, “As a lawyer, she [Nicole] has ability to work under pressure and has a high level of English communication. The reason she studied Law and took part in beauty pageants is that she needs to impact the world positively as mostly as she can because it is on our academical preparation and social influence that we can make a change together. Congratulations and officially welcome to our Grand Family!”

Nicole succeeds Miss Grand 2017 Amalia Matamoros. Amalia represented Costa Rica in Miss Grand International 2017 as Miss Grand Costa Rica 2017. Nicole has some pressure on her shoulders as Amalia was able to secure a position in the Top 20 in the semi-finals. She also won the special award of Best in Swimming Suit.

Angelopedia wishes Nicole all the very best for her delegacy in Miss Grand International 2018.