Aurra Kharishma crowned Miss Grand Indonesia 2020

22 Jun 2020 | Ana Walia

The 3rd edition of Miss Grand Indonesia i.e., Miss Grand Indonesia 2020 was broadcasted on the YouTube channel MOP on 21st June 2020, and was held at Goodrich Suites, Artotel Portfolio, Jakarta where Aurra Kharishma was crowned as the new queen and will be representing Indonesia at the grand finale of Miss Grand International 2020 in Venezuela. This year, Miss Grand Indonesia 2020 was only followed by five grand finalists who were selected directly by Ivan Gunawan as the national director of Miss Grand Indonesia.

Hailing from Jakarta, Kharishma is a post-graduation student majoring in Public Relations. Starting her modeling career at a young age of 13 in 2013, the 20-year-old beauty has now transformed into a beautiful woman and stands 180 cm tall. "I used to be a tomboy, like climbing trees and playing with guys, seeing that mama immediately put me into the world of modeling, so that the tomboy would disappear to be a feminine," she said.

The beauty has been to many shows after that. Her face was well recognized and became one of the favorites in the country. Kharisma, wearing a cream red dress, also visited as a guest star in Eljohn Media's show "Indonesia Pageants Talk", at Eljohn Media's studio, Neo Soho Capital lt. 40 West Jakarta.

Kharishma successfully impressed the jury with her speech about peace, self-confidence, and self-acceptance. According to her peace can be started from oneself and later it will spread to others. Let's be thankful for our lives. Accept imperfections because we all have them. Do good to yourself, be someone who has positive thoughts, wise, tolerates and accepts differences. I believe Miss Grand Indonesia can be a place for me to inspire and spread goodness and tells everyone it's important to be yourself and love yourself, "she said.

The diva ended her speech with, "I am Aurra Kharishma, I firmly believe that peace can begin with me, you, and us. Let's live together in harmony to achieve the life of peace we dream of so that's why peace can begin with us. Thank you. "



Bella Aprilia was adjudged as the first runner-up and will represent Indonesia at Miss Intercontinental 2020. The beauty is 23 years of age and is a model by profession. She also works as a brand ambassador for one of the aesthetic skin clinics. She is a disciplined person and has learnt to explore herself through her job. Bella is an advocate for peace and a violent-free society, where each person can live with harmony by sharing love and unity. The beauty wants to work for the children who suffers from violence and the women who are brutally harassed.

The other three finalists also got the title attribute in the Miss Grand Indonesia 2020 grand final event. First Jazmine Rowe got the title as Miss Congeniality aka Miss Friendship. Jessika Song won the title as Miss Photogenic. And Nadia Ingrida got the title as Miss Glowing Skin which is an attribute title from the sponsor of this event.

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The jury team itself consists of various groups, ranging from artists to business people. Among them are designers, entertainers, and National Director of Miss Grand Indonesia Ivan Gunawan, singer and businessman Sarwendah, business woman Junita Liesar, 2nd Runner Up Miss Grand International Nadia Purwoko, drg. Devya Linda, Director of YT Utama Putra Arif Budiman and choreographer Ari Tulang.

Congratulations to the queens!