Miss Grand Indonesia 2020 Top 5 Finalist: Kharisma Aura

04 Mar 2020 | Camilla Suarez

Kharisma Aura is the national finalist of Miss Grand Indonesia 2020, who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia and is a post-graduation student majoring in Public Relations. Starting her modeling career at a young age of 13 in 2013, the 20-year-old beauty has now transformed into a beautiful woman and stands 180 cm tall. "I used to be a tomboy, like climbing trees and playing with guys, seeing that mama immediately put me into the world of modeling, so that the tomboy would disappear to be a femini," she said.

Kharisma Aura began her career in the modeling world by joining the Posture Management agency. She joined the Face of Indonesia in 2014 and ended up being placed in the top 3. She was then sent to the international Asia Model Festival in South Korea. Although being the youngest, her beautiful appearance with Afro and exotic skin looks, was able to steal the attention of the jury until it was rewarded with a special award of ‘Genesis Best Beauty Skin’.



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The beauty has been to many shows after that. Her face was well recognized and also became one of the favorites in the country. Kharisma, wearing a cream red dress, also visited as a guest star in Eljohn Media's show "Indonesia Pageants Talk", at Eljohn Media's studio, Neo Soho Capital lt. 40 West Jakarta.

When asked about her favorite designer at a fashion show, the diva revealed that Obin is her favorite designer. Obin is a designer of Japanese descent who consistently designed Batik and archipelago fabrics. "Obin is one of my favorite designers, besides that every time he runs a fashion show, he often makes something different. If the fashion show is mostly serious, Obin makes it fun, we as a model walk without wearing footwear (hells) and it's very comfortable, fashion week the show suddenly jumped, wow it feels free and loose", she answered with a laugh.

In 2018, Kharisma returned to promote Indonesia's name on display at Miss Model of the World in Shenzhen, China. In the event, Kharisma didn’t win but was placed in the top 10. She also won a special award which was best in national costume, which was designed by Pancer Langit.



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After stepping into various pageants and fashion shows, the diva is now all set to compete in the national pageant of Miss Grand Indonesia 2020, where the diva will get a chance to represent Indonesia at Miss Grand International 2020, only if she wins the national title.

She is a confident young beauty who is well-versed with the pageant world and with her amazing talents and her experience, she will definitely be a strong contender in the national pageant. She will definitely leave a noteworthy mark in the competition.

Miss Grand Indonesia 2020, the third edition of the national pageant, will host its coronation soon under the leadership of Ivan Gunawan, the new national director of the national pageant. Miss Grand Indonesia 2019 Sarlin Jones will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.