Miss Grand International 2019 Valentina Figuera embarks on another travel

29 Feb 2020 | Abigail Henry

Venezuelan beauty queen Lourdes Valentina Figuera, better known as Valentina Figuera, after being crowned as the winner of Miss Grand International 2019 on 25th October 2019, had a pretty tight schedule where she quickly had to leave Venezuela, the country where the contest was held, to begin a media tour around the world, in addition to fulfilling their social work. She is known for her voyages as she is the only crowned queen of 2019 who has made multiple travels after her coronation.

Valentina’s journey so far, was a remarkable one, as she toured many places and was also involved in many social activities. The queen’s first media tour was held in the city of Bangkok in Thailand, where the diva was accompanied by Arayha Suparurk Miss Grand International 2019 2nd runner up.



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She calls Thailand as her second home and there she also celebrated their famous festival known as Loi Krathong – It is a Siamese festival that is celebrated annually throughout the Kingdom of Thailand, the name could be translated as "floating a basket". On a full moon night, Thais throw their krathong, refers to a piece of banana trunk decorated with flowers, banana leaves, candle and incense sticks into the river, making a wish while doing so. The beauty also posted a picture, captioned with, “Getting to know new cultures, fulfilling this magnificent annual tradition. Loving my typical Thai costume dancing a little Thai dance and enjoying this beautiful festival.”

Valentina’s next destination was in Indonesia in the month of November, where the queen attended a press conference – meet and greet, held at Ecology Bistro and Lounge, Jalan Kemang Raya No. 6, with Miss Grand International 2019 2nd runner up Arayha Suparurk and also the President of Miss Grand International Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil. The press was hosted by the National Director of Miss Grand Indonesia Mr. Ivan Gunawan. She also attended a fashion show named SUPER MEGA BINTANG’s fashion show on 20th November 2019 and the next day they had an interview at CNBC Indonesia.



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She enjoyed very much in Indonesia, where she even posted a picture quoting, “Today we tried their delicious food, we learned to make one of their typical sauces and talked about their beautiful country. The weather here is quite hot (for example, my hair) but it reminded me a lot of Venezuela and the city where I was born.”

Valentina also visited a foundation in Indonesia, where they had the opportunity to share with the disadvantaged children. The beauty said, “We learned a little about them and their cultures, as well as them from us. We hope that donations for your establishment are useful and that you can enjoy them.”

The Grand International beauty then voyaged to Cambodia. She visited one of the most emblematic places in Cambodia, the Tuol sleng genocide museum. The beauty grasped a lot of knowledge about the history and culture of the country and was grateful for the fact that she was warmly welcomed in the country and the way she was guided all the time. They also visited a children’s hospital, where they made a kind donation. The beauty also wrote, “On our trip to Cambodia we had the opportunity to visit a children's hospital, make our donation and contribute our grain of sand. Together, you can.”



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Later in December, she returned back to her homeland Venezuela, where she visited her special places and decided to spend time with some special people in her life. She visited visited the Rafael Tobías Guevara Children's Hospital in Barcelona, ??Anzoátegui state on 27 Dec 2019, where she met these children who were battling with cancer. She even wrote, “Mixed feelings, happiness and pleasure just by seeing them smile. Sadness when it is time to leave and remember that they still have to keep fighting. Courage and maturity to realize how minimal our problems become, the value we give to life and the perspective with which we see things. I will always want God to continue giving me the opportunity to be part of this.”



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It was because of the virus that was generated in China and in part of Asia, The Coronavirus, the queen's travels were suspended.  But now, she is all set to go back for her reign again and her endless voyages and her works for which she is very passionate about. She is returning back to Thailand now, as she also posted on her official page, revealing her visit to Thailand again.