Miss Polonia branches out to MGI franchise

14 Apr 2018 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Polonia is a national Beauty pageant in Poland to select the official ambassador of Poland at the Miss Universe pageant. This pageant is the oldest beauty pageant in Poland and has changed as time demanded it to. The pageant has again taken a turn for the good, and a good news has come for the women who wish to represent Poland at an International stage.

Miss Poland has now taken the franchise for the Miss Grand International pageant as well. The organization recently announced the branching out and said they would provide more information on it soon.

They took to their facebook, and wrote;


We are pleased to inform you that since 2018 winner Miss Polonia contest will represent Poland in the international elections Miss Grand International! soon more info!’

They also posted the same message on their Facebook pages as well.



The Miss Polonia sends delegates to the Miss Universe pageant currently and has forayed into Miss World, and the Miss International competition for Polonia as well. It generally sends winner in to represent Poland in the international contest in the succeeding year, forms their crowning. The Miss Polonia 2017 competition, which Agata Biernat won, saw Magdalena Swat from Ostrów Swietokrzyski province being declared first runner-up and the second runner-up was Malwina Ratajczak from Szczecin.

If speculations are correct, Magdalena Swat might just be appointed the Miss Grand international delegate from Poland. But, the pageant organization could go all out and declare a completely new pageant for the selection of Miss Grand International Poland 2018, as well.

Last year the crown created for Miss Polonia was designed for the beautiful and glamorous woman whose beauty embodies the crown of amber. The author of the project, Cyprian Chorociej from S & A Design Studio, was inspired by the combination of Elvish fantasy with reality. And the use of hussar pens is a reference to Polish culture and tradition.