So close yet so far for Katarina Rodriguez - The first runner-up in Miss Intercontinental 2017

25 Jan 2018 | Irina Silva

Miss Intercontinental Philippines 2017 Katarina Sonja Rodriguez held the dream of thousands of hearts in her hand when she started her beautiful journey in Miss Intercontinental 2017. They all desired the first ever victory of Philippines in this international pageant. In fact many were betting on her win, and why not? With the kind of sincerity, grace and attitude with which she carried herself all throughout on this journey, she surely deserved success.

But it all came crashing down when by the end of the grand coronation night yesterday Verónica Salas Vallejo of Mexico took home the winning title and crown while Katarina completed her run in the competition as 1st runner-up. She almost touched the victory but, alas! could not come out as the ultimate winner.

This news has come as a shock to many people who were ardently rooting for their favourite Filipina queen. Not just her followers but the trade analysts were also betting on her win.

This 24-year-old professional model was turning heads even before the competition began. Wherever she went, she made front page headlines. At the time of finale night, she was looking like a dream first in a shimmery see through silver gown and then in the final round she was nothing less than mesmerizing in a beautiful slit and ruffled pink gown.



This passionate soul had the most fervent message for all her followers after the competition. She could not hold her emotions and was almost into tears while saying –

“Okay lang ito, okay, okay (It’s okay, okay). I miss all of you. I miss my country. It was a tough ride, it was a lot of work, a lot of hours…Malakas naman kami, alam kami kung sino yung magaling kung sino hindi pero yung winner at si Miss Netherlands at yung Top 5, magaling lahat kami. (We know we are strong, we know who is really good and who is not but the winner, Miss Netherlands and all of us in the Top 5, we are all good).”



Not just a pretty face, she has given proof time and again of her pure heart and good intellect. The same reflected in her Question and Answer round during the finale night.

Her answer was bang on! She was asked, “What is the most important thing that you have learned about participating in Miss Intercontinental?”

“The most important thing that I have learned in joining Miss Intercontinental is an Arabic word named after one of the Sunrise Resorts and that is Meraki. It means to do all things with passion, soul, and creativity. When I heard this word and its definition, it resonated with me until now and I think it will for the rest of my life. Therefore, that is the most important thing I learned while participating at Miss Intercontinental—to do all things with soul, passion, and creativity,” she passionately answered.

Winner or not, this lady has won the hearts of people with her compassion, love and charm. We would like to wish Katarina Rodriguez for her excellent run in Miss Intercontinental 2017 and her tremendous placement in the competition.