Jessica Duarte Volweider, the charming Miss International 2016 contestant from Venezuela

26 Oct 2016 | Angelopedia

Jessica Maria Duarte Volweider is one of the contestants at this year’s Miss International 2016 beauty pageant. She is 24 years of age and stands tall at an astounding height of 176 centimetres. Let’s take a look at her life beyond the pageant.


Jessica Duarte Volweider, the charming Miss International 2016 contestant from Venezuela


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The beautiful Venezuelan contestant has been welcomed with dropped-jaws at many occasions. Her gorgeous personality and eye-catching features are enough to make her a beauty idol. With her physique and confidence, it is no surprise that she works as a model in Venezuela. Jessica has contested at many pageants. Few years back, she won the Elite Model Look Venezuela 2008. The ever-growing ambitions of this woman made her to participate at the Cyzone Look 2012, where she finished as a runner-up.

She has a degree in Odontologìa from the Universidad Santa María and is, currently, residing in Caracas. Jessica wants to travel a lot and explore different places and cultures of Earth. Her father is a Venezuelan economist and her mother is a German lawyer, thus, making her a beauty of two unique worlds. Jessica loves spending quality moments with her family. Her favourite drink is coffee and her favourite pastime is watching movies.

The young contestant looks mature for her age. She is a responsible person, who sticks to qualities, such as discipline. Jessica Duarte has strong faith in God. She believes that this faith as well as the endurance she practices towards hardships and the will to overcome difficult situations, has brought her so far in life. These are the most important values to her. She finds her role model in Mandela who was determined to fight for her opinions and principles. Jessica wants to follow her footstep to bravely stand against injustice as well as racism.

Jessica believes in leading a meaningful life. This year she is representing her country, Venezuela, at one of the Big 4 international pageants. Do you see her as the next Miss International? We are waiting for your comments!

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