Kevin Lilliana adds another feather to her hat as Indonesia’s Tourism Ambassador

31 Jan 2018 | Irina Silva

Miss International 2017 Kevin Lilliana does not seem to be in a mood to stop her accomplishments. Just recently she was honoured with the title of Tourism Ambassador for Asia-Pacific (including China & USA) for Indonesia.

She paid a visit to the Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya who personally felicitated her with this honour. Along with them, Arief Yahya’s mother, Esthy Reko Astuty was also present there. She is the Expert Staff of the Minister of Multicultural Affairs and will be accompanying Kevin in the upcoming tourism project.

During the meeting, the main topic of discussion was the role of the digital world in the development of Indonesian tourism today. Also, the main aim of the Tourism of Indonesia is to spread awareness about the Indonesian tourism on an international platform.

Kevin was subtly pretty as always in a beautiful dress with flower designs on it and she paired it up with classy black heels.



Kevin Lilliana surprised all when she bagged the title of Miss International in 2017 for the very first time for Indonesia. Since then this Indonesian beauty has been very busy with her involvement in various social causes.

Just recently, she was spotted at Maranatha Christian University where she got a chance to speak in front of students about ‘Unity in Diversity’ and she had many good things to say.



(27/1/18) Banyak yang bertanya kepada saya, alasan dari mengapa saya seorang Muslim menimba ilmu di Universitas Kristen Maranatha. . Tentunya karena Fakultas Seni Rupa dan Desain di Maranatha adalah salah satu yang terbaik di Bandung. Selain itu, saya percaya bahwa dimanapun saya berkuliah, selama niat saya adalah menimba ilmu di tempat yang baik, maka saya ada di jalan yang benar. Disini, saya belajar banyak mengenai toleransi. Kami berdoa sesuai kepercayaan kami masing-masing ketika mau memulai perkuliahan di setiap awal semester. Kami memberi selamat kepada kaum agama lain yang sedang memperingati hari besarnya masing-masing. Tetap ada rasa kepekaan dan rasa hormat meskipun kami berbeda kepercayaan. Berbagi cerita mengenai kebiasaan budaya setiap kepercayaan yang memang berbeda, tapi kami jadi saling tahu, saling mengerti dan saling menghargai. Bukankah itu indah? Perbedaan yang kita takuti, justru adalah satu wadah dimana kita bisa menjadi mengenal dan menghargai satu sama lain. . Berbeda-beda tetapi tetap satu, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, Unity in Diversity. . ?? @irfanmusyaffa

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She also added, “What we shared today has shown us that whatever our passion is, as long as it’s positive, we could make it as an achievement. And what you might not realize, when we work hard to get what we want, it’s the process that other people will notice and it’s the time we inspire them as well. I think it doesn’t matter whether we are able to achieve it or not in the end, but if we could spread the spirit of our passion to others, we are one of those inspiring persons.”

Well, we would like to congratulate Kevin on her many achievements.