Miss World Ecuador 2020 Preliminary Competition results announced

22 May 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss World Ecuador 2020, hosting its national contest currently, is going to announce the national winner tomorrow, i.e 23rd May 2020 who will become the official representative of Ecuador in Miss World 2020. With the global pandemic on the rise, the organization had to give away with the traditional way of hosting the pageant.



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Now, three finalists have been competing for the national spot and these beauties are Amar Pacheco, Melissa Aguirre and Emilia Vasquez. Just recently, the organization took to their official social media to reveal the results of the preliminary competitions – Multimedia Challenge, Talent competition and Dances of Ecuador.

From the results, Amar Pacheco is currently leading the leader board with 30 points (20 in Multimedia, 10 in Talent and 5 in Dances of Ecuador). The 23-year-old stunning beauty is the daughter of the singer Silvana Ibarra and the renowned musician Gustavo Pacheco. She has been singing since she was two years old and her voice was her best strategy during the talent test of the Reina de Guayaquil contest, in which she performed songs by the late artist Whitney Houston and Silvana.


Amar Pacheo


Amar speaks English and Spanish and actively helps children with disabilities through Music at her parents' foundation and volunteers at integral arts centres and teaches musical theatre classes. She definitely is a strong contender and, clearly the front-runner for the crown.

On second place is Melissa Aguirre who scored 23 points (10 in Multimedia, 3 in Talent and 10 in Dances of Ecuador). The26-year-old has a Journalist degree and a Master in Marketing and Political Communication. She is a fluent speaker of English and Spanish. Melissa has maintained a strong position in the competition and could be the winner with her stunning beauty and elegance.


Melissa Aguirre


On the third spot is Emilia Vasquez who scored 13 points (5 in Multimedia, 5 in Talent and 3 in Dances of Ecuador). Emilia is 23-years-old and stands 170 cm tall. Maria graduated from University of Argentina de la Empresa in Buenos Aires and majors in Media Management & Entertainment. Emilia is also a strong contender and can catch up with the other two in the BWAP and Interview sections.


Emilia Vasquez