Lorea Ibañez appointed Miss World Navarra 2020 for Miss World Spain 2020

03 Feb 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Lorea Ibañez will be representing the province of Navarra at the national gala of Miss World Spain 2020. Lorea Ibañez succeeded Miss World Navarra 2019 Sara Ianitsa Muñoz. and if she wins the title of Miss World Spain, she’d be succeeding Maria Del Mar Aguilera.

Lorea Ibañez is 20-years-old and stands 175cm tall with a degree of nursing with access to a superior. She likes to spend time with her family and friends and exploring the dramatic art in the country. She likes to try out new adventure sports and biking. 

Lorea is new to the pageantry world but she has worked with various designers and photographers and is comfortable in front of the camera. She is appreciated for her professional behavior on sets and her creative inputs while shooting for a specific brand or theme. She always takes in the criticism from her seniors about some changes in her body language or posing as a model very positively and makes sure that she works on them.



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Lorea is very honored to be a part of Miss World Spain 2020 and represent her province Navarra because in this way, she can represent her culture and widen the mindset of the people about her province. She would like to use this opportunity and work on her skills and knowledge about the pageant as well as the fashion world. She is fond of makeup and fashion but would like to expand her knowledge before she enters the competition.

Lorea has already started to prepare for the competition and started to work on her on-stage walk and body language for the competition. She is preparing herself for the communication and interview round for the competition and is wishing to impress the judges as soon as she steps on the stage. Her confidence and dedication have been commendable and appreciated by the people she has worked previously with. She is very focused and very proud of the work she has done till now and is hoping to achieve the title of Miss World Spain 2020 after which she can represent Spain at Miss World 2020.



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Lorea Ibañez has worked very hard to be at a point where she could represent her province of Navarra at Miss World Spain 2020 and then Spain at Miss World 2020. Her hard work has paid off and she has her family and friends to thank for that. Their immense support and constant motivation have always uplifted her confidence and that’s why she has been able to achieve what she has today.

Lorea Ibañez is focusing on all the positive things and believes that she can be a strong contender for the title of Miss World Spain 2020.  Lorea’s good looks and positive attitude with zeal of winning the title can give other contestants a tough competition.