Miss Norway 2018 Meet The Finalists

16 May 2018 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Norway 2018 started off with 11 semifinalists and the pageant has now shortlisted these ladies as well. The beautiful girls have been faced with testing times and 8 have emerged victorious as they were named the finalists.

Here are the eight finalists of Miss Norway 2018.


20 year old Helene is from Kristiansand county and was born in Kristiansand. Helene had a quirky way to get her fans in shape. She provided ideas that will make you fit, without you even realizing that you were working towards it.

She advised:

To talk on the phone with a girlfriend, and you know that conversation is going to be long, so you can take a walk outside. Finding something socially with friends. One can take a walk on bowling, go to the swimming pool, go into a managed-park, or maybe a walk in the woods? It's a fantastic way to socialize, while having fun.


20 year old Imen Myren Habes is form Oslo county. She is a former drama student who likes to be in films, advertising, modeling and theater. She is also interested in fashion and has previously been a wedding and party dress seller.

Imen is an outgoing, committed and eternal person. She’s very welcoming and open and not afraid to mistake or admit to them. She is extremely fond of culture and new experiences.


19 year old Ina is from Østfold county, and was born in Fredrikstad. She has always been a caring and empathetic person and cared about everyone, no matter what. She is attentive and likes to see the positive in all people, and not the negative. Positivity is something she learned from her mother throughout her life.

She is a person who burns to help others and has worked a lot with disadvantaged people. Working with people who cannot take care of themselves, has been incredibly rewarding to her.


Madelen Michelsen is from Hordaland county and is 19 years old. She has a big passion for beauty and relaxation and wants to educate herself as mask designer within sfx makeup. She spends a lot of time on makeup, clothes, nails, hair and skin.

Madelen is a very caring person who cares a lot about all her fellow human beings. She is a very joyful person and is always in a good mood. She spends a lot of time and energy making sure that others around her are fine.


Miss Norway 2018 Meet The Finalists

(Photo Credits: Miss Norway Official)


22 year old Nadia is form Oslo county. She always has a smile, no matter what happens. She is very fond of helping people and wants everyone to be well. She is energetic, creative, nice and outgoing.

She loves to stand on stage, everything feels right and as if nothing can hurt her when she’s standing there, I cannot make mistakes. Driven with theater since she was 5 and dancing since she was 3 years old Nadia has not given up on them even today.


24 years old Rebecca Bjork is from Vestfold county. She has a lot of interests but her absolute love is to travel. In other interests, she does a lot of theater, fashion, training, cooking, meeting new people, and loves making others happy.

Her best qualities are that she is caring, kind, positive, outgoing, social, inclusive, optimistic, and a good friend.


20 year old Sandra is from Bodo in Nordland county. Sandra stuck it to the man, and went with what her heart permitted. She wore bright white gowns for her photoshoots at Miss Norway 2018, and looked as vibrant as can be. She pulled on achiffon gown for one, and a princess dress for the other, reminding us, that one only looks good in what they can carry with confidence.


Susanne Naess Guttorm is from the Oslo County, and is 21 years of age. She’s studying civil engineer full time in Oslo. She has a Sami background and the Sami are an important part of her identity and therefore mean a lot to her.

She wanted to challenge herself a little, and was curious to try something new. Therefore, she enrolled in the contest.