Angelopedia’s Top 5 for the Miss Norway 2018 crown

09 Feb 2018 | Irina Silva

Preparations for the pageant Miss Norway 2018 have gone full blown as the 11 semifinalists prepare for the final night. Of the 11 women, only one will finally wear the crown of Miss Norway 2018, and succeed Kaja Caroline Kojan.

The semifinalists have been writing blogs on the official Miss Norway site, since the results of the semifinal have been out.

While every contestant has given their best to the competition, only a few will enter the finals. Here are the top contenders, according to us, that will be a part of the Top 5 on the final night of Miss Norway 2018.

Imen Myren Habes

20 year old Imen Myren Habes is form Oslo county. She is a former drama student who likes to be in films, advertising, modeling and theater. She is also interested in fashion and has previously been a wedding and party dress seller.

Imen is an outgoing, committed and eternal person. She’s very welcoming and open and not afraid to mistake or admit to them. She is extremely fond of culture and new experiences.


Angelopedia’s Top 5 for the Miss Norway 2018 crown


Madelen Michelsen

Madelen Michelsen is from Hordaland county and is 19 years old. She has a big passion for beauty and relaxation and wants to educate herself as mask designer within sfx makeup. She spends a lot of time on makeup, clothes, nails, hair and skin.

Madelen is a very caring person who cares a lot about all her fellow human beings. She is a very joyful person and is always in a good mood. She spends a lot of time and energy making sure that others around her are fine.


Angelopedia’s Top 5 for the Miss Norway 2018 crown


Kristine Eiden

From the Akershus county, Kristine Eiden is only 19 years old. She has varied interests, but, her main interest is diving. On the side, she is working on some climbing, forest and mountain treks and sfx makeup (Special effects). She had such interest in the ocean and how the different species live, that she ended up having to specialize me in the shark ecology and anatomy.

Kristine is a social and creative person. One would rarely find her in a bad mood. She is incredibly smart, solution-oriented and fun.


Angelopedia’s Top 5 for the Miss Norway 2018 crown


Susanne Naess Guttorm

Susanne Naess Guttorm is from the Oslo County, and is 21 years of age. She’s studying civil engineer full time in Oslo. She has a Sami background and the Sami are an important part of her identity and therefore mean a lot to her.

She wanted to challenge herself a little, and was curious to try something new. Therefore, she enrolled in the contest.


Angelopedia’s Top 5 for the Miss Norway 2018 crown


Rebecca Bjork

24 years old Rebecca Bjork is from Vestfold county. She has a lot of interests but her absolute love is to travel. In other interests, she does a lot of theater, fashion, training, cooking, meeting new people, and loves making others happy.

Her best qualities are that she is caring, kind, positive, outgoing, social, inclusive, optimistic, and a good friend.


Angelopedia’s Top 5 for the Miss Norway 2018 crown

(Photo Credits - Contestants Instagram Official)

Which of these girls do you see as being crowned Miss Norway 2018?