Miss Philippines Earth 2020 Top 6 Hot Picks

22 Jun 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Earth Philippines 2020, the first virtual edition of Miss Earth Philippines will crown the winner virtually for the first time ever. The winner will represent Philippines at Miss Earth 2020. Miss Earth Philippines 2019 Janelle Lazo Tee will be succeeded at the end of the event. The delegates from all over have started to prepare for the competition as the pageant conducted the preliminary competitions recently.

Miss Philippines Earth aims to give a strong emphasis on environmental awareness programs and the delegates actively promote and get involved in the preservation of the environment and protection of Mother Earth. We’ve selected the Top 6 favorite and potential candidates who we think can be a front runner for the title.

June Cyra Pineda is representing Talacogon, Agusan Del Sur at the competition. She is 23-years-old and stands 170 cm tall. She works as a human resource management officer. The diva aspires to win Miss Philippines Earth 2020 as she wants to be a woman with a purpose. In her life, June has seen a lot of problems and disasters which she wants to channelize and work towards creating environmental awareness and giving the Mother Earth the importance that she deserves. June’s advocacy focuses on #ResponsibleTourism that is connects tourism promotion and environmental preservation. This is because she believes that promoting tourism is essential for community’s advancement but it is more essential to preserve the marvelous places as much as one can. She already took home four medals, in fact, she had the most medals among the 33 eco-angels. She is also a Top 10 for Miss Hana.


June Cyra Pineda


Miah Llanes is representing Fil-Dubai, UAE at the competition. She is 26-years-old and stands 175 cm tall. She works as an executive administrator. She explains that while she was growing up, her parents always taught her to be kind and have a strong faith in God and by the time she reached her teenage years, she learnt to chase her dreams and never give up. She learned the value of hard work and the importance of sharing. Miah’s advocacy is education and she explain that she advocates for the need to integrate environmental education across all school curriculums with an emphasis on climate change education. Miah explains that she chose this because she was raised with a good understanding of the value of education and believes that being educated about Climate Change would equip the young generation with the necessary knowledge and skills to protect and to promote the health and safety of our environment. Through this platform, she wants the younger generation to explore environmental issues, to actively engage in addressing the world’s pressing environmental concerns and to think critically about ways to take action to protect Mother Earth. Her face looks very regal, she has this morena beauty that could compete with the Latinas. She is becoming the best delegate from the Filipino Community Abroad.


Miah Llanes


Shane Tormes is representing Atimonan, Quezon at the competition. She is 28-years-old and stands 167 cm tall. She works as events’ host and singer. Shane describes her life as compassionate and explains that she feels that it is a blessing to be able to share and inspire people to make their lives better. After her grandmother passed away, Shane tried to stay focused and carry on with her wisdom. She stated that she aspires to be Miss Philippines Earth 2020 because that would give her a platform and help her to be a spokesperson for an organization that can reach out to people on a larger scale. Shane’s advocacy is sustainable eco-tourism and would like to combine her passion for travelling and helping others while exploring and enjoying the environment in its full potential without destroying it. She already has two gold medals and a silver medal and is really doing great in the competition. Also, she was picked as one of the Top 10 beauties for Miss Hana.


Shane Tormes


Arielle Roque is representing General Santos at the competition. She is 26-years-old and stands 166 cm tall. She works as an HR consultant, freelance contender writer and a graphic designer. Arielle explains that while she was growing up, she was very competitive in school but her parents have always taught her to be respectful and kind to everybody despite any differences and status, and knowing that Jesus is our Lord and personal savior. She believes that Miss Philippines Earth 2020 will be an excellent platform for her voice to be heard. She explains, “We are moving closer to a slowly dying Earth, and as a steward of God, it is my pleasure to take part in saving it and making sure that it is well taken care of. I will use it as an avenue to instill in the minds and hearts of many the importance of being responsible caretakers of our planet, our home.” Arielle’s advocacy is sustainable animal agriculture, and wants to focus on the essence of sustainable animal agriculture because animal production plays a massive part in human civilization. So, she wants to be the voice of these animals that can’t complain about it and pave the way for the improvement of how they’re being farmed.


Arielle Roque


Isobel Teaño is representing Opol, Misamis Oriental at the competition. She is 19-years-old and stands 167 cm tall. She is pursuing Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management. Isobel explains that her mother made sure that she was always grateful for whatever they had and that true beauty is what the heart possesses. Miss Philippines Earth 2020 is a platform for Isobel to reach out to people all around the world, and winning would mean so much if she can advocate what’s inside her heart. Being the woman chosen to hold such a title would enable her to encourage many people to rally behind her advocacy, which is protecting and preserving our ocean waters. She finds it her mission to protect and preserve what’s left of the ocean waters pass every day. She explains, “The symbiotic relationship of nature should not be destroyed and disturbed by man and our personal interests or lack of apathy. We should remember that apart from being God’s co-creator, He also made man to be nature’s protector.”


Isobel Teaño


Rizza Infante is representing La Castellana, Negros Occidental at the competition. She is 23-years-old and stands 164 cm tall. She is an entrepreneur whose mother taught her to be independent, resilient, and courageous; to rise above adversities. She always advised her to be ambitious and to aim further. She is inspired by the efforts of the organization towards the protection of the environment and believes that this is the best platform to promote her cause, to develop an eco-cultural lifestyle amongst ourselves, and to replicate it in every household. Rizza always looked out for it to be feasible, sustainable, and replicable because advocacies are not just for show in pageants, it must be a life purpose. She explains, “I have spent 2 years of research in community development and I believe this is feasible in rural towns. I have formulated a model community that would be fit and attainable in the town of La Castellana.”


Rizza Infante