Filipina beauty queens share their views on trans women joining beauty pageants

04 Jun 2021 | Ana Walia

Daena Yapparcon and Jeremi Nuqui, who are representing El Nido and Caloocan, respectively, at Miss Philippines Earth 2021, have expressed their opposition to the inclusion of transwomen in beauty pageants for natural-born women. The two strong and talented women are now preparing themselves for the Miss Philippines Earth 2021 competition and a chance to represent the Philippines at Miss Earth 2021.

Daena and Jeremi have expressed their disapproval of members of the LGBTQ+ community in beauty pageants that are created for natural-born women because they believe that the LGBTQ+ members should have their beauty pageants which will allow them to celebrate their beauty and educate people about them in-depth.

Daena stated, "I do believe that beauty pageants celebrate the beauty of women, the natural beauty of women. So, I do believe that it already celebrates femininity. I believe that transgenders should have their beauty pageants. And it’s because to celebrate their beauty and to let people know that…to have the respect that they deserve. So, I do believe that. "



Jeremi couldn’t agree more with Daena and stated that she respects transgenders and their community as well as their opinions, but she also believes that we need inclusivity. The diva stated an example where she mentioned that just like Miss Universe is a celebration for naturally born beauty queens, trans women should also have their beauty pageant that celebrates their beauty, talents, skills, and everything they believe in. She added, "And as long as we respect each other’s boundaries, I think we can have a better world where a war-zone earth can turn into a beautiful and a wonderful one."

The discussion of trans women being included in beauty pageants comes after South Africa, Spain, Canada, Nepal, and Panama allowed transgender women to "have completed all their legal and medical procedures" to join the competition. Philippines and various other countries are yet to include the participation of the trans women in their beauty pageants.



Angela Ponce, who represented Spain at Miss Universe 2018, was the first transgender woman to compete, and her speech about how just being on stage mattered has stayed with people even after years of participation.

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