Miss Suomi 2018 Top 3 Hot Picks by Angelopedia

21 Sep 2018 | Camilla Suarez

The grand coronation of Miss Suomi 2018 also known as Miss Finland 2018 will be held on 29th September 2018 at The Magnificent Billnäs Village. This event will select Finland’s representatives for Miss Universe 2018, Miss World 2018 and Miss International 2018.

At the conclusion of the event, the winner will be crowned by her predecessor Miss Finland 2017 Michaela Söderholm who represented Finland in Miss Universe 2017, but was unable to secure a position in the finale.

Miss World Finland 2018 will succeed Miss World Finland 2017 Adriana Gerxhalija and will represent Finland in Miss World 2018 to be held on 8th December 2018 in Sanya, China. Miss International Finland 2018 will succeed Miss International Finland 2017 Pihla Koivuniemi. Pihla was able to secure a position in the Top 15 in Miss International 2017 where she represented Finland.

But before the finale, take a look at Angelopedia’s Top 3 contestants from Miss Finland who are most likely to win the pageant out of the 10 contestants participating and do Finland proud internationally. The Top 3 contestants are –

Jenny Lappalainen


Miss Suomi 2018 Top 3 Hot Picks by Angelopedia


Jenny Lappalainen is 23 years of age and stands tall with a height of 179 cm. She is from Helsinki. Jenny is a model by profession. This beautiful blonde lost 6 pounds for the pageant and maintained a very healthy and nutritious diet and the results have come out perfectly.

Jenny has had a happy childhood and she knew for a very long time that she wanted to spend her life helping those in need. She is most interested to work with children as she thinks that it is extremely rewarding. Jenny seems like a very selfless person and she will surely win many hearts with her kindness, at the finale.


Ellinoora Myötyri


Miss Suomi 2018 Top 3 Hot Picks by Angelopedia


Ellinoora Myötyri is 21 years of age with a height of 179 cm. She is from Tampere. A very unique fact about Ellinoora is that she had started modelling at a young age of 15 years. She was approached by IMT Models situated in America, for modelling projects, an offer she had to refuse due to her age and the distance from her homeland.

Ellinoora was a bright student during her school years and used to model through her teenage years. She is currently working in a bank. Ellinoora is a confident young lady with a very fit body. She can often be seen in beaches along with her friends.


Milla-Mari Waismaa


Miss Suomi 2018 Top 3 Hot Picks by Angelopedia


Milla-Mari Waisman is 23 years of age with a height of 170 cm. She is from Helsinki and went to High School of the Green Valley. Milla-Mari is a model and an animal lover. She is a complete foodie. Milla-Mari has a very good sense of fashion which is very evident in her social media.

Milla-Mari is a gorgeous blonde bikini babe with a very toned and slender body. She indulges in a healthy diet to maintain her figure. Milla-Mari will easily mesmerize her audience with her beauty and her soulful eyes.

The 10 contestants competing for the title are Alina Voronkova, Amanda Mäkitöyli, Birgitta Venäläinen, Eevi Ihalainen, Ellinoora Myötyri, Emilia Anttikoski, Emilia Lepomäki, Erika Helin, Eveliina Jokinen, Hanna Ojaniemi, Janina Koskinen, Jenna Ruohola, Jenny Lappalainen, Karita Haapanen, Laura Savilakso, Milla-Mari Waismaa, Mirella Merivirta, Paula Brunow, Roosa Laksio and Sara Ahola. Angelopedia wishes all the contestants the very best for the finale!