The trio of the beauty queens of USA proved Black Girls Magic right

14 May 2019 | Seerat Kaur

History was created at the grand coronation night of Miss USA 2019 when Cheslie Kryst was crowned the new queen. With her winning the crown, black women dominated all three biggest pageants of USA – Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss America. For the first time in history, black women are ruling the pageantry in USA and it seems to be an achievement in itself.

Elevating the truth that Black is Beautiful, all three pageants crowned black queens as their winner for this year; along with Cheslie, Kaliegh Garris was crowned Miss Teen USA 2019 and Nia Franklin walked away with the crown of Miss America 2019.

In the last fifty years, black women took the recognition in the pageantry and have become more prevalent in the competitions. On the basis of the retrospection, Vanessa Williams was the first black women to win Miss America in 1983, and Carole Anne-Marie Gist was the first black Miss USA contestant who was crowned in 1990. The following year Janel Bishop became the first black Miss Teen USA.



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Correspondingly when Miss USA 2019 crowned Cheslie Kryst the new queen, she entered the trio of these old beauty queens of the ’80s and ’90s along with the other newly crowned queens – Miss Teen USA 2019 Kaliegh Garris and Miss America 2019 Nia Franklin.



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Cheslie is a 28-year-old beauty who holds up three degrees from two universities is all set for the mission to help to reform America's justice system. She hails from North Carolina and practices civil litigation for a law firm and has a passion for helping prisoners who may have been sentenced unjustly get reduced punishments - free of charge.

The newly crowned Miss Teen USA queen, Kaliegh Garris unveiled that while she began competing in pageants, she fought against various beauty standards such as she used to be suggested that straight hair are much better than her natural curls, but the beauty ignored all of this and went on ahead and this landed her onto the land of success.



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Miss America 2019 Nia unveiled that some of the credit of her success will definitely go in the hands of music as she grew up at a predominately Caucasian school where 5% minority took place, and she felt inferior because of her dusky complexion. But while growing up she found her love for art, and through the music, she gained a lot of positive vibes for herself.

Therefore, the power of black women can be seen all together in the beauty pageants of the USA! It will be interesting to see how Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst performs at the coveted Miss Universe 2019 competition but surely with the support of her two pageant sisters, she is going to set the stage on fire!