Andreia Gibau- From Miss Earth to Miss Universe?

14 Apr 2020 | Angelique Reyes

The 69th edition of Miss USA i.e., Miss USA 2020, will be held during the spring of 2020. 51 delegates from all over the country will be competing for the coveted crown, after which, the winner will represent the United States at the Miss Universe 2020 competition. Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst of North Carolina will crown her successor by the end of the event finale. Miss USA 2020 will mark the first year that the new crown made by luxury jeweler Mouawad will be used.

Miss USA 2020 competition boasts of immensely gorgeous and talented delegates who are preparing for their stint in the finale event. But Andreia Gibau who is a proud representative of New York at the Miss USA 2020 has become the crowd’s favorite and is emerging as the potential winner for the coveted national crown.



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Andreia Gibau is 24-years-old American-Cape Verdean model who has graduated from St. John’s University with a degree in public relations with a minor degree in fashion. She is passionate about life and doing things that can make difference, change lives and bring smile on people’s face. The diva is confident, charismatic and very ambitious. She speaks four languages including Spanish, Hebrew, Portuguese being her first. In high school, Andreia was part of the drama club.

Andreia is not new to pageantry as she started her pageant journey in 2014 and won the titles of Miss Teen New York USA 2015, Miss Massachusetts Earth USA 2017 and Miss Earth USA 2017. She was placed at Top 16 during her Miss Earth USA 2017 stint. She was introduced to pageants in high school by a teacher, but held off on this opportunity for a few years. Andreia strongly believes that whatever she is today is because of the pageants she has participated in as it has helped her shape herself in a confident and ambitious human. She feels beauty pageants give voice to women which is so loud and clear that helps them to raise awareness and educate people on something they are passionate about and think needs attention.



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Andreia Gibau thanked Miss Delaware USA 2020 and Miss New Jersey USA 2020 for their constant support and love during the competition. She posted a picture with a caption, “These 2 women were my absolute rocks throughout this journey. We cried together. Cheered for each other. Empowered each other and held each other accountable. Words can’t express how happy I am that I get to experience the opportunity of a lifetime with my best friends. We’re better together!” on her social

Through her initiative “More Than Enough," she serves as an advocate for inner city and underprivileged youth by instilling confidence and empowering them to live to their full potential despite their circumstances. She believes in the motto, “If you see her, believe her”. Andreia who has faced her share of struggles while adjusting in United States wants to be there for the young girls and woman who don’t have the opportunities to showcase themselves and if they do, they are tagged as not enough. She wants to reach to the core of their heart and want them to know that they are enough and nothing in the world can stop them. She was named Phoenix magazine's 30 under 30 for philanthropy.



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In a recent podcast interview, Andreia shared that when she moved to United States, she felt that her parents moved to United States in order to provide the best opportunity for Andreia and she wanted to use the opportunity given to her and make her parents proud. She works as an in-house model, host and an avid advocate for non-profit organizations and languages. She strongly believes that she is here to make other people’s lives better and has dedicated herself into philanthropy works.

Andreia feels blessed to be a part of Miss USA 2020 pageant and aims to win the title. She has always expressed her gratitude towards everyone who has helped, motivated and supported her to be at the top of her performance. She feels that with winning she will fulfil the purpose god has given her, which is to inspire and touch lives.

With Andreia’s confidence, determination and hard work, Miss USA 2020 title seem to be close to her. Andreia has a beautiful appearance and enchanting personality and her smile just adds perfectly like a cherry on the cake. She can be a strong contender as she is very strong and her aim is very clear i.e., to win.