Kim Layne clarifies rumours on being appointed as Miss Universe USA 2021

22 Oct 2021 | Angelique Reyes

Miss USA 2021 will be the 70th Miss USA pageant, to be held on 29th Novemeber 2021 at the Paradise Cove Theater of River Spirit Casino Resort in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Asya Danielle Branch of Mississippi will crown her successor at the end of the event. The winner will go on to represent the United States at Miss Universe 2021.

As the competition is being held with such close proximity with the Miss Universe 2021, the winner will have a limited time period to prepare for the international stint. Due to this, Miss USA 2020 first runner-up Kim Layne is being rumoured to have been appointed as the Miss Universe USA 2021. To answer the question of whether or not she has been appointed to compete at Miss Universe, Kim clarified as she said, “I haven’t heard anything about this! Some sources sound very certain that I’m competing… so maybe they know something that I don’t know. Wouldn’t be mad if it was true…”



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Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan also reacted to the rumours through a post as she wrote, “I don’t say this to be shady, it was just my experience… there really wasn’t much prep at all before Miss Universe. I got my prelims sponsored gown two days after I checked in at Miss Universe, I hadn’t even seen or tried options until then. I did spend prep time picking out my finals gown but it wasn’t delivered until a few days before the finals, so the first time I walked with my cape was on finals day. I didn’t do any interview/stage coaching sessions before Universe and was told, “you competed at Miss USA, you are ready.” And it was so hard to work out and eat right with my Miss USA schedule. I feel like I would have performed better if I just powered through and competed again.”

 She also added, “Again, not trying to be shady on my experience and sponsors… I just know that these ladies are more ready for Universe than they even realise.” She feels like whoever wins the Miss USA 2021 title will be more than ready for the Miss Universe 2021 pageant.



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The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the schedule of Miss USA 2020, postponing it from spring 2020 to November 2020. Each state organization had initially planned to schedule their 2021 pageants for the fall 2020 and winter 2020–21, the typical timeframe for state pageants dating back to the 1970s. However, most state pageants were later rescheduled to spring and summer 2021.

After a successful stint at the recently held Miss Universe 2020, Miss USA 2020 Asya Danielle will be crowning her successor next month, to represent USA at Miss Universe 2021. Miss Universe 2021 will be the 70th Miss Universe pageant, to be held in December 2021 in Eilat, Israel. Andrea Meza of Mexico will crown her successor at the end of the event.