Miss Ukraine Head Veronika Shchiptsova appeals for support from international pageant organizations

21 May 2022 | Camilla Suarez

Amidst the tension between Ukraine and Russia, the Head of the National Committee of Miss Ukraine, Veronika Shchiptsova has come forward to appeal to international pageant organizations including Miss Earth, Miss World, and Miss International, to stand with the country and cancel Russia's licenses to participate in the international pageants as an action of support.

The National Committee of Miss Ukraine has been actively volunteering since the beginning of the war and is doing everything in its power to bring Ukraine closer to victory in the ongoing war. “Now, as the Chair of the Miss Ukraine pageant, I want to address the entire international beauty pageant community, because I consider it necessary to deprive the Russian Federation of licenses to participate in competitions and make it impossible to promote the culture of the aggressor country on the world stage,” Veronika shared.



She also shared having sent necessary letters to the international platforms and acknowledged Julia Morley, President of the Miss World organization for numerous phone calls, words of support, and a large number of charity events aimed at supporting Ukraine.

Earlier during the initial invasion by Russian forces, former Miss Ukraine Anastasiia Lenna stepped up taking arms to join the fight along with many people voluntarily took up arms to assist their country’s military, following the footsteps of their president Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The beauty pageant community of Ukraine has continuously urged for support and for donations to the Ukrainian armed forces.