Pich Votey Saravody for Miss Universe Cambodia 2020?

11 May 2020 | Ana Walia

Miss Universe Cambodia 2020 is all set to crown its new queen in the 4th edition of Miss Universe Cambodia as the search for the national delegates has started. The winner of the title will be representing Cambodia at Miss Universe 2020 and succeed Miss Universe Cambodia 2019 Somnang Alyna.

The 14 delegates from all over the country for the national pageant are confirmed by the organization. The screening of the delegates haven’t been announced yet but Pich Votey Saravody is one of our favourites who have the potential and skills to win the title and represent Cambodia at Miss Universe 2020.



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Hailing from Sihanouk, Pich is 20-years-old and stands 175cm tall She is a student of tourism industry and is fluent in 4 languages including Khmer, Thai, English, and little bit of Chinese. She has always dreamt of representing her country of Cambodia at Miss Universe stage.

The diva is beautiful, intelligent, and determined to win the title. She feels that beauty pageants are progressive as they women feel encouraged and empowered to be on-stage and represent their country at international stage. Pich has worked with some of the renowned designers and brands in Cambodia and earned her share of experience and knowledge in the field of pageantry.



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Pich is very close to her friends and family and feel that they play a very important part in her success and being at where she it. They have helped her and always motivated her to be the best version of her herself which has boosted the confidence to perform her best at whatever opportunity she has participated. She is also very close to her culture, values, and traditions and feels that Miss Universe Cambodia 2020 is an apt platform for her to showcase her love for the country.

Pich is young and believes that she has a long way to go in the beauty pageant world. She works on her on-stage walk, postures, angels, and body language as she believes that these are the essential factors that a beauty queen is judged on during a competition. She has a very kind and subtle attitude towards everyone and tries to maintain a good and healthy friendship with everyone. The diva has been confident, dedicated and a very hard-working human. She has always tried to maintain her calm and compose attitude when she’s working because her focus stays on the work that needs to done. Her enthusiasm for winning the title is appreciated and can turn out to be very positive for her. She takes her health seriously and tries to eat clean as much as she can to maintain her body in healthy and fit condition.



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Pich Votey Saravody can be a tough competition at Miss Universe Cambodia 2020. Even though Miss Universe Cambodia 2020 is her first international beauty pageant, she wants to perform her best to impress the judges and win the title and represent Cambodia at Miss Universe 2020 stage. She has very appealing face and features that can captivate your attention for a long time. She carries herself very elegantly and is very positive towards winning.