Miss Universe Chile 2024 Meet the Contestants

14 Mar 2024 | Priya Bhardwaj

The 2024 edition of Miss Universe Chile has officially begun with introduction of the official delegates who will compete to be crowned Miss Universe Chile 2024 and will represent Chile at Miss Universe 2024. The winner of the national title will succeed and be crowned by Miss Universe Chile 2023 Celeste Viel.

The official organization also introduced the delegates and announced the official details as they wrote, “The grand finale of Miss Universe Chile 2024 is scheduled for July 7th at 18:00 hours at the impressive Centro Cultural Ceina in Santiago. Join us to witness the elegance, beauty, and grace of the contestants. Don't miss out on this exciting event!”

Meet the contestants competing for Miss Universe Chile 2024 –

Florencia Calderon representing Concepcion 

Beatriz Vasquez representing Las Condes

Montserrat Velasco representing La Serena 

Camila Leighton representing La Reina

Maria Jose Saez representing Penalolen 

Barbara Lackington representing Pirque

Celeste Ossandon representing La Florida

Catalina Harasic representing Pedro Aguirre Cerda

Albany Escofet representing Machali

Vicky Yusue representing Vina de Mar



Alexandra Briones representing San Carlos de Apoquindo

Ariel Cordero representing San Felipe

Emilia Dides representing Vitacura

Anne Saelzer representing Arauco

Fernanda Zuniga representing Rancagua

Michelle Martin representing Puerto Montt

Camila Aguirre representing Valparaiso

Gabriela Ibanez representing Nunoa

Catalina Bunster representing Concon



Lucre Bernardo representing Alonso de Cordova

Jael Plon representing Providencia

Fran Maira representing El Golf

Javiera Israel representing La Dehesa

Catalina Wu representing Temuco

Francisca Lavandero representing Los Angeles

Ignacia Cifuentes representing Zapallar 

Camilla Alan representing Cajon del Maipo 

Miss Universe Chile 2023 Celeste Viel represented her country at Miss Universe 2023 and with her stellar performance, she placed in the Top 20. Chile holds one Miss Universe crown under its belt which it won in 1987.