Sharlene Radlein Miss Universe Jamaica 2015 has been dethroned

17 Aug 2016 | Angelopedia

Sharlene Radlein is no more Miss Universe Jamaica 2015. The beauty queen has been stripped of the crown as announced by the organisation. The official statement was made at a press conference by the Universe Jamaica officials at the Jamaica Pegasus on Monday.

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Sharlene Radlein Miss Universe Jamaica 2015 has been dethroned

Sharlene Radlein Miss Universe Jamaica 2015 


Since being crowned… We have painstakingly sought to guide Ms Radlein in a manner which reflects the vision and ideals of the organisation. However, several of her actions have been wholly inconsistent with the culture of the pageant both locally and internationally. Ms Radlein has breached several of the clauses in her contract and despite being given written notices of the breaches, Ms Radlein has failed to remedy them. She has operated in ways contrary to the goodwill and reputation of the organisation which caused us to lose confidence in her ability to make a meaningful contribution," stated the officials.

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The dethronement came after Radlein filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court on 20th July. Radlein sued the registered holder of the Miss Universe franchise Karl Williams, fellow Miss Universe Jamaica manager Mark McDermoth, and Uzuri International Designs. In the lawsuit, Radlein claimed that the defendants are in breach of an agreement to award her a prize package valued at more than $2 million, and in further breach by not paying over the cash portion of the prize due since January.

As per the lawsuit, the defendants had 14 days to acknowledge the claims that were served on them, and 42 days to file a counterclaim outlining the facts on which they will be relying.

 The Miss Universe Jamaica Organisation said that the payments to Radlein were suspended because of investigation into several breaches. The Organisation also stated that the parties and their respective attorneys were in discussions with the aim of arriving at an amicable resolution at the time the suit commenced.

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