Miss Universe Laos 2019 Meet the Contestants

06 Aug 2019 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe Laos 2019 is all set to crown its new representative as the finale will be held at the Royal Palace Hotel, Vientiane where thirty finalists will compete for the national crown and the opportunity to represent Laos in Miss Universe 2019. Miss Universe Laos 2018 On-anong Homsombath will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

The contestants have just been unveiled who will vie for the coveted crown and it’s safe to say the competition will definitely be fierce this year. Here are the gorgeous thirty finalists competing for Miss Universe Laos 2019 crown –


Miss Universe Laos 2019 Meet the Contestants

(Photo Credit: Miss Universe Laos Facebook Official)

Arlitnoy Keomanypanh

Chantha Inthavong

Khonesavunh Phaengthong

Soukphaphone Tepsakmouang

Nomalisa Siphonesai

Soukdavanh Silivath

Dalika Jamnong

Thipsavanh Manidone

Pavina Souphanthavong

Viengsavanh PradithVieng

Chantida Phomdouangdee

Khonesavanh Aphay

Foutty Sinthavong

Pavina Yongvongsitthi


Miss Universe Laos 2019 Meet the Contestants


Phonemany Fonphachan

Mekkhala Chaleunxay

Thipaksone Vongvichit

Thipkasone Faymetta

Phoumanithip Suyavong

Sunisa Vilaykham

Vilaivan Sengaloun

Danta Vilayvong

Aliya Inthavong

Palita Sysongkharm

Simmany Vongphachan

Lattana Munvilay

Phaithida Phothisane

Pheng Hombounmee

Vichitta Phonevilay

Souksavanh Sisombath

Last year, Miss Universe Laos 2018 On-anong Homsombath represented her country in Miss Universe 2018 but unfortunately failed to win a spot in the finale. Laos is yet to pioneer its win in Miss Universe pageant.