Miss Universe calling for Larissa Ping?

23 Nov 2020 | Ana Walia

The Malaysian queens who have represented the country at Miss Universe stage have managed to mark their standing in the world of beauty pageants with their impressive and strong performances. Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 Francisca Luhong is going to represent the country at Miss Universe 2020 stage and has been preparing herself in best way to secure a high position at the competition. 

The organization of Miss Universe Malaysia has already started to look for the next representative of Malaysia for 2021 edition and there are various potential candidates whose name has appeared for the position but Larissa Ping’s name has caught our attention as she seems like a potential candidate to represent Malaysia at Miss Universe stage.



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Larissa is 21-years-old and stands 172 cm tall and has finished her foundation in arts at HELP University. Larissa has enrolled in the University of Malaysia to further her undergraduate studies in Law in 2019. She feels like a potential candidate to represent Malaysia in future.

The diva is not new the world of pageantry as she as represented Malaysia at Miss World 2018 and was placed at the Top 30 along with placing at Top 5 Best Talent category, the Top 5 Best Designer category, the Top 32 Top Model category and the Top 10 Multimedia category. She is very experienced and works very hard working towards her goal. Prior to Miss World Malaysia 2018 pageant, Larissa competed in an ethnic beauty contest in Miri where she won the title for Miss Keligit Orang Ulu category.

After her stint at Miss World 2018, Larissa took to her social media to thank everyone and stated, "To my dear country, Let’s not be upset, but rejoice. There was not one moment last night when I was down because everyone who got through the next round are also as deserving. I’m so proud to have Malaysia’s name being announced multiple times throughout this competition. I’m so happy that we’re seen, we’re known - and I’m just so grateful that I have this opportunity be the representative of Malaysia. I’ve discovered myself even more, I’ve made future to collaborate with other contestants, I’ve made people realise what Miss World is all about, and a lot more.  This has been one of the best experiences in my life.”



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Larissa is an avid advocate for children's education, spends her free time teaching Myammar refugee children at Zomi Education Centre in Malaysia. Larissa firmly believes in the power of charity and suggests that the donation of something as small as second-hand story books will help the children in need to receive some education and knowledge.

The diva admires her parents as she has learnt how to keep going and pushing through hard times and she had mentioned, “They taught me that there are days that will rain, and there are also days that will shine. However, even through tough times, we shouldn’t neglect our loved ones but instead keep them closer and make them our motivation to push through difficult times.”

She is very determined towards her goal which is not only to make the people of Malaysia proud but also empower and encourage women of Malaysia to work hard for their future careers. The diva fits in the criteria of an ideal candidate who can represent the country of Malaysia at Miss Universe in future and if she decides to participate, she can be a strong contender as well. The diva is beautiful, strong, confident, and hardworking and would give her best at the competition if she decides to participate and get selected for the competition. She is experienced and is aware about how the beauty pageant works which is why she could be an ideal choice.