Miss Universe calling for Hmwe Thet?

20 May 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Hmwe Thet Lwin participated in Miss Universe Myanmar 2019 where she was adjudged as the first runner-up and represented Myanmar at Miss Grand International 2019. She is 26-years-old and stands 172 cm tall. Hmwe wrapped up her schooling from Practising High School, Yangon Institute of Education (TTC) after which, she studied Civil Engineering (B.E) at West Yangon Technological University. She is working as a civil engineer manager in a firm as well as a professional model as of now and is very dedicated to represent her country at Miss Universe stage.

Hmwe is not new to the pageant world as she previously participated in Miss Universe Myanmar 2015 and was placed at the top 10 at the finale. She later participated in Miss Universe Myanmar 2019 where she was placed as the first runner-up at the end of the event finale. Hmwe’s first runner-up award earned her a chance to represent Myanmar at Miss Grand International 2019 where she was highly appreciated for her strong an impactful performance but unfortunately wasn’t placed. She could be a potential delegate to represent Myanmar at Miss Universe stage in future. She has experience, knowledge, and determination to represent her country at Miss Universe stage.



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A business woman and travel blogger, Hmwe can fluently speak three languages Myanmar, English and Chinese. She is a fitness enthusiast and is optimistic in real life. The Myanmar beauty has a gorgeous frame and is eloquent as well, two most important qualities to look out for international stage. She is a perfect example of beauty with brains and it has most certainly helped her till now and will in the future as well if she ever decides to participate in future. Her experience combined with her maturity makes her a promising delegate for the crown.

Hmwe likes to spend her free time racing sport car, going on adventure traveling with her friends or taking up some modelling assignments. She has worked with various designers and photographers in Myanmar which have explained that the beauty queen is an absolute delight to work with. She is professional with her work and tries to learn new things to finesse her future performances. Her experience with the freelance projects has helped her to gain confidence and self-moral and thus, she is always ready to work. She believes in women empowerment which is one of the things one can find on her social media account.

Hmwe wants to be a confident beautiful woman in the society who can give a hand in non-profit organizations to help the people. She wants to be a positive and an impactful role model for women across the world and make some difference in their lives. She describes that she is “dream-big girl with a strong passion and determination since my childhood to become my country representative on the International Prestige Stage.” She also talks about body positivity which she believes does not come from trying to achieve the perfect body, it comes from embracing the one you’ve already got.



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The diva likes to spend a certain amount of time in the gym everyday as she explains that working out not only helps her to stay fit but also keeps the stress off her mind and that’s how she can focus on other important things in life. She mentioned that every opportunity in her life has taught her something new about herself and her culture for which she’ll always be grateful. She specially thanks her family and friends who has always uplifted her confidence while she performs. She is beautiful, confident, and very positive toward her career and strongly believes that she is ready to take on another beauty pageant if she gets a chance in future.

With her experience, strong opinions, and a clear and focused mind to make the people of her country proud, she clearly states that she is ready to represent Myanmar at Miss Universe stage in the future. She is a true example of a beauty queen who is focused, committed and strong-willed to represent her country at an international stage and make the people of the country proud.