Donna Gatt for Miss Universe Malta 2020?

20 May 2020 | Camilla Suarez

The coronation ceremony of Miss Universe Malta 2020 will be held later this year where the delegates from all over the country will compete for the national title of Miss Universe Malta 2020 and an opportunity to represent Malta at Miss Universe 2020 stage. Miss Universe Malta 2019 Teresa Ruglio will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

Donna Gatt who is one of the finalists at Miss Universe Malta 2020 pageant is emerging as one of the potential winners of the title. She is 25-years-old and stands 171 cm tall. She has he is an integrated science and biology educator in two different schools. She is passionate about beauty pageants and feels very lucky to be a part of Miss Universe Malta 2020 stage.



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Donna is very professional with her work and puts her effort and hard work into it. She has worked with various photographers and designers in Malta to gain experience as well as understand the way beauty pageants work. The people she has worked with has some really nice things to say about her like she is very professional when she working and helps the photographer as she understands what the photographer has in mind and sometimes the diva gets creative and come up with her own ideas. She able to pose independently and naturally in any conditions without any help. Dona is quick to learn things and tips given by the team in order to work on her poses or walk.

Donna is trained for IFBB Bikini Fitness competitions and do long distance marathon running. She started working as a freelance model under a catwalk modelling agency where she was appreciated by everyone for her commendable performances. The diva is now experienced as she has worked with photographers and designers in Malta but prior to that whatever she learnt about modelling was self-taught or anything she found on the internet. She is also a self-taught artist with interest in surrealism or alternatively portraiture. She also enjoys photography especially that of landscapes, animals, flora, and fauna.



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The diva takes her diet and workouts very seriously as she likes to lift weights, she makes sure she takes some time out of her busy schedule and work out. She likes to eat healthy and maintain her body healthy and fit. She likes to try new healthy recipes for her meals. Donna likes to travel solo and meet new people across her travel journey as she feels that meeting new people gives her a new and different perspective towards life and in general. She has expressed her immense gratitude and happiness towards her family and friends who have always helped her to stay positive and motivated in her journey. They have always boosted her moral and confidence to achieve her dreams and right now is the title of Miss Universe Malta 2020.

The diva is a keen admirer of nature and usually spends her free time in nature. She is beautiful, confident, and has a charming personality. Her alluring face with a pretty smile can lighten up the room instantly. The diva has started to work hard on her body postures, angles, and walk on-stage. She is focusing on her communication and interview skills which will be helpful to her during the question answer round. She is determined to win the title and represent Malta at Miss Universe 2020 stage.