Miss Universe Nepal 2020 Top 5 Q/A round

30 Dec 2020 | Ana Walia

The organization of Miss Universe Nepal hosted the grand coronation for Miss Universe Nepal 2020 just a few hours ago at the Kathmandu Marriott Hotel where Anshika Sharma was crowned as the new Miss Universe Nepal 2020 at the end of the event finale and will represent Nepal at the Miss Universe 2020. She has succeeded Miss Universe Nepal 2019 Pradeepta Adhikari for the title.

Before the announcement of the winner, the top five delegates were asked the same question that tested their prudence and confidence. Let’s look at their answers:



“What is the one life lesson you’ve learned during Covid19 pandemic?”

Anshika Sharma was the first one to answer the question and she answered that she has learned to be always ready for the challenges that life throws at her because life is uncertain. She also mentioned that the government and individuals should be economically prepared as the pandemic has taught everyone that economy is so important that everyone must be aware to secure their finances to move forward in life.

Nina Kant Mandal was the second diva to answer the question and she answered that she has learnt that mental health matters more than ever. Nina was confident with her answer as she added that people are committing suicide all over the world and more than thousand people have committed suicide since March 2020 and it’s very important to take care of the mental health and start supporting and being kind to each other as stigma is still surrounding mental health.  

Nancy Khadha was the third diva to answer the question and she quoted Mother Teresa, “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” She added that being a mental health survivor herself she feels that in the covid-19 situation everyone should have the willpower to tackle every situation that is going to come in future and be self-prepared and strong enough to fight every obstacle that comes your way.



Sujita Basnet was the fourth diva to answer the question and she answered that as a woman who comes from the biotechnology background, Covid19 situation has taught her the importance of technology. She added that in the amidst of the pandemic, technology plays a very essential role in the cure of the pandemic and without the proper technology and knowledge the world won’t recover from the pandemic situation.

Dikta Thapa was the last one to answer the question and she answered that she has learned that individuals should start taking care of their health right from the moment and now when they catch a disease. She also added that the countries should be more prepared to deal with the situation so that their citizens are in a better shape in terms of health. Dikta also mentioned that she has learned to take care of herself and urged everyone to do the same.