Miss Universe Nepal 2020 Wishlist: Vishakha Bhusal

30 Sep 2020 | Angelique Reyes

The organization of Miss Universe Nepal is all set to begin it’s new and improvised journey with a virtual pageant under the direction of Former Miss Nepal Nagma Shreshta. According to the new and improvised changes, the competition would be an all in-app beauty pageant where the aspiring candidates can apply via the new application developed by the organization. The finalists will be selected via application itself and after the registration and selection, the diva will go through online training and workshops for the pageant while the finale even will also be live-streamed. The winner of the competition will succeed Miss Universe Nepal 2019 Pradeepta Adhikari at the end of the event finale.

While the list of delegates is yet to be announced, there are a few divas who are on all the wish lists to compete at Miss Universe Nepal 2020 and Vishakha Bhusal is one of them. This Nepali beauty has caught everyone’s attention with her beauty and grace.



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Vishaka is an MBA student at Global College International and has aspired to represent the country at Miss Universe 2020 stage. Vishaka’s advocacy focuses on child's mental health, which depicts about the child psychology on how they have been shaped up. She has been working on her advocacy since 2018 and since she started to be an active volunteer of Art of Living, she found the need of change in child mental state.

Through her social media, the diva who aspires to represent Nepal at Miss Universe 2020 stage, opened about her struggle as a child and explained that she was bullied because of her accessory tragus (next to her ear) and had to pretend of being sick and skip school. She explained that she did her best to cover her ears because the constant bullying made her feel ashamed of herself and she felt as if she’d never fit in. While growing up, she understood that the disease does not define her and it’s okay if she is not like everybody else, this realization helped the diva to embrace her self as she always wanted.



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Vishaka also mentioned about the fact that the society has a set standard of beauty and she didn’t fit into it because her dark skin with pimple and scars was not considered as beautiful but, eventually she started realizing that if she can’t accept who she is, no one in the society would. She stated, “It took me a lot of time to remove that negativity and understand what beauty actually is. It's not about having fair and flawless skin. It's about the confidence to carry yourself. It's about the smile you put up in others' faces. It's about the kind heart you got. It’s about who you really are from the inside rather than the external appearance.”

Diva has dealt with bullying, self-doubt, failures but if there was one thing that never left her was her fighting spirit and that’s something, she wants to bring on-stage of Miss Universe Nepal 2020. She is beautiful, hardworking, passionate lady who wants to use the platform to reach out to all the women who have been put to a self-doubt situation. She is strong, focused, and determined to perform her best on-stage if she gets selected.

Vishaka is very positive, humble, and friendly towards her peers and would make an ideal candidate from Nepal for Miss Universe 2020 stage. She also thanks her family and friends for being supportive and motivated towards her dreams and ambitions. She believes in, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”