Cheraim Chayatanus loses participation in Miss Universe Thailand 2020

30 Sep 2020 | Ana Walia

The organization of Miss Universe Thailand is all set to host the coronation night of Miss Universe Thailand 2020 on 10th October 2020 where the finalists selected by the organization from all over the country will be competing for the national crown and an opportunity to represent Thailand in Miss Universe 2020. Miss Universe Thailand 2019 Paweensuda Drouin will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

Miss Universe Thailand has managed to stay in the spotlight whether it’s because of the beautiful and talented divas who will be showcasing their strong performances on stage or it’s the controversy that keeps spiralling around the organization. Recently, a beauty queen came under the spotlight after the manager of Miss Universe Thailand favourite Chayathanus Cheraim Saradatta was found to be doubling up as an employee of the organising company.



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When the news of Cheriam;s manager doubling broke out, Piyaporn Sankosik, executive director of TPN 2018 stated, “We give Cheraim a chance to quit on her own. If she leaves now, she will have a chance to run again next year. This is not a heartless decision, but I must maintain rules for credibility. If she is exempted, how will I answer the other 29 contestants?”

Cheriam held a press conference yesterday to clarify her side of the story by stating that she and Mr Bank are friends because she is a professional model and he is the manager of many celebrities in Thailand. The diva specifically mentioned that she has not signed any contract with him nor Mr Bank has signed any contract with Miss Universe Thailand organization. Cheriam also clarified that she has not received any special help from Mr. Bank throughout the competition and she has the right to stay in the competition and fight for the title fairly. She mentioned, “Please do not take that right away from me. I do not mind if you do not give me the crown but I want to compete in the final night with my friends.”

Today, Miss Universe Thailand organization held a press conference which was broadcasted live on their official Facebook page. During the press conference, Piyaporn Sankosik stated, “Cheraim will not be allowed to continue her Miss Universe Thailand Journey, she is a liar and she broke the rules of our contest.” The organization also came up with some strong evidence against the beauty queen that included, signed contracts, photographs of Cheriam and Mr. Ken together, along with some chats where the queen has used bad words for the other delegates which is against the rules and regulations of the organization.



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Just a few minutes ago, Cheraim admitted to all of the accusations, saying she indeed lied about her true relation to her manager, and that the bad talking about other delegates rumors were true.