Puerto Rico’s Estefanía Soto Torres to be a part of Women's Economic Forum as the Caribbean Ambassador

30 Jun 2021 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2020 Estefanía Soto Torres took to her social media to announce that she will be carrying out her duty as official Caribbean Ambassador to the Women's Economic Forum (WEF) from 24th August 2021 and 27th August 2021. The Women's Economic Forum will hold its first Caribbean edition, titled "Transcend," and Estefania is thrilled to be a part of such an illustrious event.

The Women's Economic Forum Caribbean 2021 – 'Transcends' is a free event that aims to provide over 30 thousand Caribbean participants with the knowledge, experience, and connected networks that will enable women to be leaders in the business and social fabric of their communities. The forum will offer more than 50 masterclasses.



The Forum for the Caribbean will aim to promote gender equality in academia, organizations, and the state. Hailing from Caguas, Estefania is 28-years-old and has obtained her bachelor's degree in foreign languages with a concentration in French from the University of Puerto Rico in Río Piedras. She was one of the favorites for the crown as she is considered as one of the empowered queens who want to use her social media platform for a good cause and the Women Economic Forum seems like the right thing for Estefania right now.

Sharing about the opportunity, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2020 Estefania Soto Torres mentioned, "The Women Economic Forum Caribbean is a space for dialogue and connection where its participants can be inspired by the stories of others. As an ambassador for the event, my invitation to the women and men of the Caribbean is to respond to this call by registering with wefcaribbean.com, participating in the talks, and another programming that has great potential to transform their lives and transcend."



The first version of the Women’s Economic Forum, based in the Caribbean, has the support of multilateral organizations such as UN Women and USAID, entities at the level of The ACE Program of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Inter-American Competitiveness Network. (RIAC), the governments of Panama and the Dominican Republic, the latter through the Secretariat for Women, as well as the MET Community, an international organization that promotes and supports sustainable, responsible, and innovative female entrepreneurship. The Women’s Economic Forum Caribbean will have a rich academic agenda that includes panels, talks, and interviews on leadership, competitiveness, entrepreneurship, sustainability, science, technology, and innovation, by special high-level guests.

Women’s Economic Forum Caribbean General Director Johanna Salgado stated that they are overjoyed to have new allies who have come together to allow women to be leaders in the business and social fabric of their communities.