Heilymar Rosario Velázquez: From Miss Intercontinental to Miss Universe?

23 Jun 2021 | Priya Bhardwaj

Heilymar Rosario Velázquez: From Miss Intercontinental to Miss Universe?The Miss Universe Puerto organization is all set to host the 2021 as the castings and callbacks have begun to find the official delegates for the upcoming edition. The winner of Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2021 will succeed Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2020 Estefanía Soto Torres and will head over to Costa Rica to represent Puerto Rico at the 70th Miss Universe later this year.

Heilymar Rosario Velázquez, who was crowned Miss Intercontinental 2016, has received her chance to participate and compete for the national crown. She is 25-years-old and stands 175 cm tall. The stunning Puerto Rican beauty has a degree in communication from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus, and is passionate about representing the country in international competitions.

After a call back from the organization, Heilymar shared, "I thank God for allowing me to resume a dream that I put on hiatus a few years ago and I see that time may pass or that opportunities may not come at the time you have planned, but when a desire is pure and from the heart, NEVER DIE I'm writing to tell you that I attended the Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2021 casting. My commitment to my country remains valid and unbreakable! As well as the desire to be the VOICE of PUERTO RICO before the UNIVERSE. I want to be a living example of tenacity and that, to achieve our goals, we must be greater than the circumstances! Your dreams are yours and nobody else's. That nothing and no one takes you away from them."



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The beauty queen, who has already represented Puerto Rico at Miss Intercontinental 2016 and made everyone proud by winning it, wants to keep the same enthusiasm at Miss Universe 2021 too. She is ecstatic to begin her journey to the crown and, eventually, to represent Puerto Rico at Miss Universe 2021. She also earned Miss Intercontinental North America and Miss Photogenic awards during the finale of the Miss Intercontinental 2016 competition.

Heilymar is a strong, beautiful, and determined woman who believes in working hard and putting on her best form to achieve her dreams, which currently include becoming Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2021. The diva appears to be a potential and strong contender because she is experienced, understands the beauty pageant process, and is determined to achieve her goals. After winning Miss Intercontinental 2016, she stated, "The crown means A LOT. It means the hard work I did to represent my country. It means nights without sleep. It means the blessing of hearing "Puerto Rico" on the other side of the WORLD." She is proud of herself but believes that she has a long way to go and Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2021 is a part of it.

The diva is grateful for all the opportunities that came her way and helped her to prepare for the future and now she has started to prepare for the competition and she wants to perform her best and win her chance to represent Puerto Rico at Miss Universe 2021.