Miss Universe Russia 2020 Alina Sanko issues an apology after facing backlash for the infamous racist video

16 Apr 2021 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe Russia 2020 Alina Sanko has finally spoken up about the infamous video in which she was seen laughing as her make up artist friend made fun of the other Miss Universe 2020 delegates. Receiving all the backlash, Alina issued an apology to all her followers and fellow 2020 delegates.

Alina took to her official social media as she wrote, “Dear friends, this speech is outside the contest framework. I address you because I cannot keep silent anymore. I address everyone who loves and trusts me. I owe you an explanation; I must apologize to everyone who got insulted by the situation that captured me.”

“I have been working hard for the Miss Universe finale. I respected and trusted all people who I worked with during the preparation. A master class with Serdar had been arranged. But The 13th of April appeared to be an absolute nightmare. My sincere love for people went against me. I got confused and didn’t react immediately. I am endlessly sorry that I couldn’t stop the man from saying rude words about the contestants. It is painful. Now I’m apologizing to everyone affected. I am sorry that I didn’t say anything to protect the girls on time”, she added.

Here is the video –



Alina also said that the current situation is a harsh lesson for her and she has learned one significant thing. She hopes her example can prevent every woman from making such a mistake.