Sheiryn Aisiqa for Miss Universe Singapore 2020?

08 Jul 2020 | Ana Walia

The coronation ceremony of Miss Universe Singapore 2020 will be held soon as the situation in the country eases down; where the delegates from all over the country will compete for the national title as well as an opportunity to represent Singapore at Miss Universe 2020 stage. Miss Universe Singapore 2019 Mohana Prabha will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

With a list of delegates are being prepared, Sheiryn Aisiqa has caught our attention for the title as she seems like a potential and strong delegate to represent Singapore at Miss Universe 2020 stage. She is 27-years-old and stands 162 cm tall and works as a professional model in Singapore who is represented by Phantom Model Management Agency.



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Sheiryn has worked with various brands and designers in Singapore which has helped her to earn experience in the field of beauty pageants. It was also the intensive knowledge she gained while working with brands and along the process she learnt how to be comfortable on-screen as well as in one’s body too. “Putting yourself out there is the first step to feeling comfortable. Of course, we all have stretch marks and scars, but there are tricks for hiding them. It’s like putting on makeup to enhance your beauty,” she tells.  She wants to use her platform to empower women and make them feel comfortable in their own skin.

The diva likes to travel and with her assignments she travels to different countries and likes to spend time in nature as states that animals not only make her happy but all sorts of emotions. Her favourite is leopard as she explains they are strong and intimidating. She is an entrepreneur as well; she has her own clothing brand named ‘Aisiqa’ which aims towards to a timeless vibe with a slight twist of trending styles. The diva is on her mission to empower women and make them feel beautiful and she does this with her clothing line as they are picked out to make women feel sexy, powerful, and sophisticated.



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Sheiryn is beautiful, strong, confident, and dedicated towards her work and if she decides to participate at Miss Universe Singapore 2020, she can be a strong contender at the competition. She works on her body, walk on-stage, body angles, body postures, communication, and interview skills which she can use during the Miss Universe Singapore 2020. She always believes that people should be taught to love oneself and accept themselves as they are and not give in the demands of the society.

Sheiryn seems a strong, potential, and a confident delegate who is not only beautiful but very sharp with her opinions and thoughts which can be helpful for her during the competition. She is grateful for all the opportunities she has received till now and feels that with opportunity she has grown more confident and a resilient woman. She believes that if someone works hard, they can achieve what they desire and there is nothing that can stop them.