Sri Lanka’s bet at Miss Universe 2016 is the stunning Jayathi De Silva

10 Jan 2017 | Angelopedia

Sri Lanka is all set with the most gorgeous delegate for taking the crown of Miss Universe 2016. The Sri Lankan beauty does not just possess an amazing physique but also has a warm-hearted personality and an amazing nature. Jayathi De Silva is 26 years of age and stands at an astounding height of 5’ 8”. The beauty hails from Colombo in Sri Lanka. Let’s get to know her better…


Sri Lanka’s bet at Miss Universe 2016 is the stunning Jayathi De Silva


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Jayathi has a Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology and Forensic Science and a Master’s degree in Cancer Biology from London, UK. The beauty started her career as a philanthropist and now is a scientist. Her career passions include cancer research and identifying genetic diseases. The beauty regularly volunteers at Sri Lanka’s National Cancer Hospital. Besides being an activist, she acts like a true idol in order to spread awareness about palliative care for terminally ill patients.

She wants to encourage women to take up STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. The ambitious beauty aspired to find a cure of cancer and help the terminally ill cancer patients to improve their live. With such noble thoughts and an intellectual mind, the delegate is truly a beauty with brains who deserves to win. What do you all think?

The Sri-Lankan contestant is determined to become the titleholder of the Miss Universe 2016 beauty pageant on 30th January 2017. Will Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, the present crown-adorner pass on her throne to this stunning beauty during the coronation gala??

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