Ukraine’s Liza Yastremskaya to wear ‘Dusha-Vytynanka’ national costume at Miss Universe 2020

06 May 2021 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Universe Miss Universe Ukraine 2020 Liza Yastremskaya revealed her national costume for Miss Universe 2020 a few hours ago. She revealed the costume through her social media where she shared, “Dusha-Vytynanka is the national costume of Ukraine for the Miss Universe 2020 contest,” which means Vytyn?´nka Soul.

The costume is designed by Natalia Shevchuk. The creation of the national costume for Miss Ukraine Universe 2020 took place in a short time and the outfits were made in a month. A team of seven masters worked on it. The total weight of the suit is about 7 kilograms. For the costume, about 15 meters of white and black satin fabric were used.

Life sometimes leaves holes in people's souls, but God makes them a beautiful harmonious picture that reflects the inner beauty of man, his spirituality,” Liza added. The soul is light, pure, which symbolizes the white color of the suit. Mirror shine in the costume reflects the inner world of humans.



Ukrainian Vytynanka is the genetic memory of Ukraine. The name ‘Vytynanka’ comes from the word ‘Vytynati’, i.e. ‘cut’. From time immemorial, these ornamental ornaments made of paper decorated the walls, windows, shelves of houses. Cut-outs made of fabric and leather were also used to decorate clothes. Traditionally, cut-outs were used to tell the story of what was happening in the family: what were the holidays, weddings, who was born.

The Vytynanky shapes were of many kinds and represented stylized figures of people, animals, and plants. Vytynanky that were made for the occasions and by the shape of Vytynanka you could know what was happening in the family: a child was born, somebody from the family got married, etc. Holiday Vytynankas were more decorative than the ones used for everyday decoration.

Unusually, it was necessary to develop a technology in which the fabric would behave and look like paper. At the same time, it was still necessary that the finely cut fabric did not fall apart. Almost 2 kilograms of a special solution were used for this,” said designer Natalia Shevchuk talking about the costume.



Liza has dreamt of this day when she was a little girl and now when it’s all happening, she feels extremely grateful for the opportunity and would perform her best at the competition. Liza is very grateful and feels honored to be able to carry the crown over her head and has assured that she will perform her best at the competition.

She is strong, determined, and focused towards winning and will start preparing for the competition. She cultivates feminine qualities in herself, a kind attitude to people, tenderness, and mercy. She will be a strong contender for the title of Miss Universe 2020.

Miss Universe 2020 will host the National Costume competition on 13th May 2021 with a live broadcast. Miss Universe Ukraine 2020 Liza Yastremskaya will represent Ukraine at the 69th edition of Miss Universe on 16th May 2021 in the United States. The winner will succeed Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi from South Africa for the title.