María Estefanie Colmenares to represent Venezuela in Miss Universe 2020?

10 Apr 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

María Estefanie Colmenares, one of the strongest contestants at Miss Venezuela 2020 this year, has retired from the national competition if rumours are to be believed. If this stands true, Maria has been selected by the Miss Venezuela Organization to represent Venezuela in Miss Universe 2020. With pandemic going on, the national organizations have been allowed to appoint the delegate for this year’s edition.

Hailing from Caracas, Maria is 25 years of age and stands 177 cm tall. Maria has graduated with a degree in Dentistry of the USM. She works as a professional model and a dentist and is fluent in English and French. After working with various designers all over the country, she has also gained quite an experience for photo shoots, make up and walks which is important as an international representative.



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Being a doctor, she is compassionate about humanity and always preaches out the message of being kind to one- another but most importantly to oneself. She is optimistic and strong opiniated when it comes to putting her thoughts and opinions out in public. With her hard work and determination, Maria sure could be a strong competition for the other ladies at Miss Universe 2020. Even though the rumours have not been officially confirmed by the national organization, this definitely comes as a smart decision as there wont be any time for any contestant to prepare for Miss Universe if Miss Venezuela 2020 is held later in the year.



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Maria also spreads awareness about body shaming and encourages women to follow their passions and ambitions without letting other people get to them. After Panama appointed their contestant for Miss Universe 2020 crown, the other national organizations are definitely to follow suit and appoint a representative soon.