Miss World 2019 delegates dazzle in Head to Head Challenge (Group 8)

02 Dec 2019 | Avneet Ahluwalia

Miss World 2019 is all set to host its coronation night on 14th December 2019 in London, UK. The divas are trying to make their best to make their position in the competition stronger than ever. The Head to Head Challenge of Group 8 was held on 29th November 2019 in London where beauty queens from Paraguay, New Zealand, Chile, Scotland, Croatia and France discussed about their beauty with a purpose project as they introduced themselves in the competition.

The Head to Head challenge in presented by reigning 2018 Miss World Vanessa Ponce de Leon and Miss World 2016 Stephanie de Valle. They provided the audience with an in-depth look of the delegates and their work. The delegates’ introduction videos were shown and then Vanessa asked the divas about their Beauty with a Purpose projects to which the divas answered very gracefully.


Miss World 2019 delegates dazzle in Head to Head Challenge (Group 8)


Araceli Beatriz Bobadilla Candia Miss World Paraguay 2019

Arceli Bobadilla started by stating that she is representing Heart of South America; Paraguay. She mentioned that since childhood her parents have always taught her to embrace her culture in every sense and she does. Arceli’s mother taught her dancing and she has never stopped dancing since then.  In 2014, her life took a positive turn when she realized that she wasn’t the only child who mattered. Arceli started to take part and attending social volunteering. Through dancing she has helped the ones that needed to express themselves. She said that communication is very important. She wants to use the platform of Miss World 2019 to let everyone know that anyone can make a difference in someone’s life. She is working with a foundation that helps children with down syndrome to dance and help them express themselves. Arceli started with a project called MUA which means “firefly”. This project was started to help the kids living in the neighborhood Chacarita. She teaches them arts and sports so that in future even if they are not able to have education, they’re capable enough to earn their living via these.

Lucy Rose Brock Miss World New Zealand 2019

Lucy Brock started by stating that she is representing New Zealand. In her final year of school, Lucy was lucky enough to have a full scholarship for studying business and communications in college. Her beauty with a purpose project is “Safe Clicks” which is an online safety and well being organization. Lucy came up with this project after a horrific incident took place in of the safest cities in New Zealand. The event was documented on social media and people including kids saw it online. With Safe Clicks, Lucy wants to teach the children the importance of social media and how they should not misuse the power of Internet given to them. Safe Clicks is all about real conversations with youth about online safety and mental well-being. Lucy also mentioned that she feels very lucky to represent New Zealand at Miss World 2019.

Ignacia Albornoz Olmedo Miss World Chile 2019

Ignacia Albornoz is 18 years old. She is passionate about dance and have been practicing Flamingo for last 6 years. She feels that the crown comes with a lot of responsibilities and she’ll make a good use of it by voicing what she believes in stronger. She is optimistic and is dedicated to succeed in life. Her personal motto is “have courage and be kind”.


Miss World 2019 delegates dazzle in Head to Head Challenge (Group 8)


Katarina Mamic Miss World Croatia 2019

Katarina Mamic described Croatia as a city of freedom, the freedom to know who you are. She is an aspiring journalist freedom of speech is very important for the model. She wants to be an investigative journalism and write about ordinary people and the problems they face. The 23-year-old model is very passionate about arts and culture of the country and feels immensely lucky to be a part of country that is named as the European Capital of Culture in 2020. She is also passionate about fashion, makeup, shows and hairstyling and feels happy to be part of fashion world. Katarina wants to raise awareness about recycling. She has joined hands with a foundation where they take abandoned cars and separate the plastic from the metal. The metal can be used again.

Keryn Matthew Miss World Scotland 2019

Keryn Matthew is representing Scotland at the Miss World 2019. She has studied in the University of Edinburgh. The model is really inspired by the culture of Scotland. Keryn explained about her beauty with purpose, which is related to Dementia. She wants to let the children know that Dementia is a thing want to tell them ways to deal and help people with Dementia.

Ophély Mézino Miss World France 2019

Ophely Mezino will focus on “the cause of the deaf” and “the culture of the sign language”. Both of her parents are deaf and she grew up speaking sign language and she would like to create a home for deaf and heard of hearing in Guadeloupe. Growing up she learnt how to be compassionate, responsible and loving towards deaf people. She feels that deaf people go through a lot of difficulties daily and thus this makes them isolated. With a house in Guadeloupe, Ophely wants to create a community so that people who are deaf can come together and try to, share feelings, communicate with each other in a better way. Ophely also hopes that this community house can work as a sign language course.