Miss World 2019 delegates make a noteworthy mark in Head to Head Challenge (Group 9)

02 Dec 2019 | Avneet Ahluwalia

Miss World 2019 is ready to host its final event on 14th December 2019 in London, UK. The delegates are putting their best foot forward for holding onto a strong position in the competition. The Head to Head Challenge of Group 9 was held on 30th November 2019 in London where the beauty queens from Czech Republic, Canada, Indonesia, Tunisia, Sierra Leone and Portugal discussed about their “Beauty with a Purpose” project as they introduced themselves in the competition.

The Head to Head Challenge is presented by Miss World 2016 Stephanie de Valle and reigning Miss World 2018 Vanessa Ponce de Leon. The Miss Worlds provide the audience with in-depth information about the delegate as well their Beauty with a Purpose project. The delegates’ introduction videos were shown and then Vanessa asked them some questions related to their project. The divas answered the questions very gracefully and firmly.


Miss World 2019 delegates make a noteworthy mark in Head to Head Challenge (Group 9)


Let’s look at the delegates of Head to Head Challenge Group 9 -

Denisa Spergerová Miss World Czech Republic 2019

Denisa Spergervoa is a proud representative of Czech Republic for the title of Miss World 2019. The diva mentioned in her introduction video that she started to play piano and dancing at a very young age. By the time she reached 14, she wanted to be crowned like a Princess and when she was crowned Miss Czech Republic, she felt as if her dreams have come true. After wining the crown of Miss Czech Republic, Denisa started her modeling career intensively. She collaborated with Czech designers, chic brands and showcase their art to other people. Denisa was in Austria while she completed her middle school. She believes that education is very important for any individual.  Malta where she was working on improving her English language and later went to Oxford to continue her English language course. Denisa mentioned that she is a member of Beautiful Face Help Organization where she visited a lot of hospitals and dog shelters. With wining Miss Czech Republic, the diva revealed that they have donated a huge amount to hospitals and dog shelter.

Naomi Rose Colford Miss World Canada 2019

Naomi Colford is a proud representative of Canada, a country which is known for its diverse culture, multiple culturalism and gorgeous landscapes. Naomi Colford is a second year Nursing student and, on her path, to become a pediatric nurse. She revealed that she is now a dance teacher, performer and a public speaker. She has worked with a local radio channel Giant 101.9 where she had her own speaking segment through which she has helped various NGOs. She also mentioned that she is very much involved in her community and feels very happy when she can help someone in need.  With the thought that no child must go to bed hungry, Naomi’s Beauty with a Purpose “Grow and Learn. This project focuses on children learning the importance of nourishing their growing bodies. She performs a simple gardening activity with the kids where she makes them learn economical ways to receive their own healthy food. She is very passionate about making a change in the community.

Princess Mikhaelia Audrey Megonondo Miss World Indonesia 2019

Believing in the proverb, you reap what you sow, Princess Mikhaelia Megonondo is extremely proud to represent Indonesia, a country known for its natural beauty and culture. She mentions that she was born and brought up in a warm family where her father taught her the importance of strength and perseverance while her mother balanced it out with the quality of empathy. According to Mikhaelia, her parents together have taught her to be a strong, independent, and kind woman. Princess reveals that education is a very essential part of her life and it a strong foundation to success. The Indonesian beauty is an avid poetry writer and wants to change people for good with her words. She is very ardent about teaching and has been teaching orphans for quite a time now. Princess Mikhealia’s “Beauty with a Purpose” revolves around the awareness of poverty among the society especially children and women. What hit the diva the most was the fact that the children were selling out stuff in order to make their living while their parents were simply farmers. They help the villagers in a way that is economical and ecofriendly solutions.


Miss World 2019 delegates make a noteworthy mark in Head to Head Challenge (Group 9)


Sabrine Khalifa Mansour Miss World Tunisia 2019

Sabrine Mansour is a proud representative of Tunisia for the title of Miss World 2019. In her introduction video, Sabrine mentioned that she is currently training in her dental clinic and speaks three languages Arabic, French and English. Sabrine has always dedicated herself to humanitarian world. As a part of her “Beauty with Purpose”, Sabrine has set up various health camps in rural areas for the ones who cannot afford to get themselves checked up. She also works towards the awareness about diabetes, breast cancer etc. Before studying dentistry, Sabrine was an engineering student. Talking about her “Beauty with a Purpose” project Sabrine mentioned that she wants to make people aware about the oral health and if it is neglected how many problems can occur.

Enid Jones-Boston Miss World Sierra Leone 2019

Enind Jones Boston is representing county of Sierra Leone at Miss World 2019. She is a graduate in business administration, mental health advocate and volunteer for social workers who aspires to become a counsellor. The 24 years old delegate revealed that the country usually survives on agriculture, and managing tourism. She wants to create awareness about Mental Health as she feels that it’s her duty to gibe back to the country in some way. Talking about her “Beauty with a Purpose”, Enind mentioned that coming from a country that went to 11 years of Civil War, the trauma and pain wasn’t healed and Ebola virus came in to kill people. She revealed that her mother was diagnosed with cancer and she saw girls going through a fear of getting raped, teenage pregnancy and domestic violence. These thoughts and surroundings put you in depression or PTSD state. Enind wants every one to understand about mental health and especially the one who think that substance abuse can help you in getting over the situation. Enind set up a school session to talk about mental health.

Inês Brusselmans Ferreira Martins Miss World Portugal 2019

Portugal is a country of contrast, land and seas. Ines Brusselmans grew up in a multi-cultural family which made her fascinated about different countries of the world. On her journey for the title of Miss World 2019, Ines hopes to discover something about other countries’ cultures. She mentions in her introduction video that she has always been an active person and likes to run daily. She is currently training to be a Mi Thai Fighter. Before becoming a fierce fighter, Ines was a dancer but left dancing to become a lawyer. When talking about her “Beauty with a Purpose” project, Ines tells that Portugal is on the list of top 5 countries that do not treat their elders nicely, they abandon them. Ines started volunteering at a local nursing home and started teaching the elderly people dance. She explains that dance comes as a therapy to them and they are all happy. That is what she wants  people to know that small gestures towards them can make their day.