Miss World 2019 delegates outshine in Head to Head Challenge (Group 15)

04 Dec 2019 | Avneet Ahluwalia

The Head to Head Challenge of Miss World 2019 Group 15 was held on 3rd December 2019 in London where representatives of Samoa, Antigua and Barbuda, Greece, Barbados, Sweden and China introduced themselves with short introduction video. Along with their introduction, the delegates also discussed about their “Beauty with a Purpose” projects.

The Head to Head Challenge’s presenter is Miss World 2018 Vanessa Ponce de Leon and Miss World 2016 Stephanie de Valle. The main event of Miss World 2019 is set to be held on 14th December 2019 in London. The reigning Miss World 2018 Vanessa Ponce de Leon will crown her successor by the end of the event.


Miss World 2019 delegates outshine in Head to Head Challenge (Group 15)


Let’s meet the delegates of Head to Head Challenge Group 15

Alalamalae Gabriella Lata Polamalu Miss World Samoa 2019

Alalamalae Lata is representing Samoa for the title of Miss World 2019 in London. Alalamalae Lata is currently a security officer and a part time model.  Talking about her “Beauty with a Purpose” project, Alalamalae states that it revolves around creating charity for unfortunate kids. She wants to build up a safe environment that includes charity programs and entertainment programs to make sure that the kids feel that they belong somewhere and have a definite purpose in life to work towards to.

Taqiyyah Ricardo Francis Miss World Antigua and Barbuda 2019

Taqiyyah Francis is representing Antigua and Barbuda for the title of Miss World 2019 in London. Vanessa asked Taqiyyah “If you could invite anyone to dinner, who would that be and why?”, to which Taqiyyah answered, “Yara Shahidi”. Taqiyyah went onto explain that Yara once said, ‘you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine’, and for her Yara is that person as she shows that a person whether young or elder can make a difference. Taqiyyah further explains that Yara is a tremendous source of inspiration and empowerment. Talking about her “Beauty with a Purpose” project, Taqiyaah explains that it is about sharing her passion for art with youth and elderly. Further she describes that in regards to sharing her art with elder people; she gives a lot of dance and yoga sessions to them as a lot of them suffer with Alzheimer’s and its important for them to stay active. Through her art of dance and yoga, the elder people can express themselves better.  As for the children, Taqiyyah visits schools with special children to make them feel important just like every other kid. Through her art she wants the kids to be expressive about their passions and cope with the pressures.

Rafaela Plastira Miss World Greece 2019

Rafaela Plastira is representing Greece for the title of Miss World 2019 in London on 14th December 2019. Vanessa asked Rafaela about the most challenging thing she had to face, Rafaela mentioned about how she escaped a toxic relationship where her partner abused her mentally and physically. Rafaela in reference to her escaping her toxic relationship wants to set up an organization where she wants to let the women who are abused know that they are not alone and any form of abuse is not acceptable. Talking about her “Beauty with a Purpose” project, Rafaela expresses that she wants to create awareness about “Breast Cancer”.  Along with an organization named Mozilla Zoe which is helping women financially to get tested and treated.


Miss World 2019 delegates outshine in Head to Head Challenge (Group 15)


Ché Amor Greenidge Miss World Barbados 2019

Che Amor Greenidge is representing the country of Barbados for the title of Miss World 2019 in London. Coming from a Caribbean island, Che Amor mentions that every summer the people of Caribbean island are worried about who is going to be the next to be hit by a hurricane. The effects of climate change are adversely seen in the Caribbean island and the diva has been advocating about the environment change along with an environmental charity to do clean ups, lobbying the government and seeing that there is a strict ban on single-use plastic. Introducing her “Beauty with a Purpose” project as “Deaf heart project”, Che narrates that two years ago when she was involved in a car accident, she spent a lot of time in a disabled community and her interaction with the people there changed her as a person. She started to learn sign language, their struggles and challenges they face in a daily basis. Her project organizes programs to work on improving communication between hearing and deaf community. Through the program Che feels that the deaf community will get an access to the things that are important to them like education, information etc. Che states that a deaf mind is brilliant and all they need is an opportunity.

Daniella Lundqvist Miss World Sweden 2019

Daniealla Lundqvist is representing Sweden for the title of Miss World 2019 on 14th December 2019. Daniealla points out that she is a volunteer for Suicide Zero which is also her “Beauty with a Purpose” project. The project is focused on raising awareness about mental health and suicide. The diva explains that she tries to create awareness by stating facts and coping exercises about mental health and how it is linked to the thoughts of suicide. Drawing instances from her own life, the delegate mentions that since she knows how it feels when you’re suicidal and in a bad phase, she wants to reach out to people who are going through the same thing and offer them a hand to let them know that they are not alone.

Li Peishan Miss World China 2019

Li Peishan is representing Republic of China at the coronation ceremony of Miss World 2019 on 14th December 2019 in London. Li has studied in UK for seven years and earned her master’s degree at City University of London. Introducing her “Beauty with a Purpose” project Li mentions that she is working with China Open tennis club as one of their ambassadors and event planner to bring 45 kids from Tibet to Beijing on study trip. This study trip is important so that the kids who are living in the mountains can look at the wider world. The organization organizes various activities to keep the kids indulged and raise funds to create awareness. Li hopes to bring in more kids in future so that they can look at the world beyond the mountains.