All about Miss World 2019 Toni-Ann Singh’s successful three-day tour to Nepal

09 Mar 2020 | Camilla Suarez

Miss World 2019 Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica arrived in Nepal on Thursday for her three-day visit in order to support Miss World Nepal 2019 Anushka Shrestha’s Beauty with A Purpose project. Toni has had a successful tour in seven countries since the coronation as she arrived in Nepal with Miss World Organization chairperson Julia Morley.


All about Miss World 2019 Toni-Ann Singh’s successful three-day tour to Nepal


Miss World Nepal 2019 Anushka Shrestha received Toni and Julia at the airport. Along with Anushka, Toni-Ann Singh also showed her support for Miss World Nepal 2018 Shrinkhala Khatiwada’s BWAP project as she was also the winner of Miss World 2018 Beauty with a Purpose award.


All about Miss World 2019 Toni-Ann Singh’s successful three-day tour to Nepal


On her arrival, Miss World 2019 adorned a beautiful Nepali saree to show her respect and love for the country and the people who have supported her. She wore the saree for a meeting chaired by Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Bhattarai.

The beauty queens from Nepal Anushka Shrestha Miss World Nepal 2019 and Shrinkhala Khatiwada Miss World Nepal 2018 also took to their social media to reveal their emotions on Toni’s arrival. Anushka wrote “Super thrilled to have my sister, the reigning Miss World Toni-Ann Singh alongside the champion of the MW brand, the ever so lovely and inspirational Julia Morley And Steve, the phenomenal director with us here in Nepal!”


Miss World 2019 winner Toni-Ann Singh


Later, the beauty queen and the Miss World organization were invited to at Nepali themed welcome dinner event where they discussed about Beauty with a Purpose winners from Nepal. The discussion panel included Miss World Nepal2019 Anushka Shrestha, Miss World Nepal2018 Shrinkhala Khatiwada and Miss World 2013 Ishani Shrestha.

Miss World Nepal 2019 Anushka Shrestha took her social media to thank the Miss World Organization for their support and commitment to the project. She feels blessed and honored that the organization has shown generous commitment to a project after seeing the impact of the initiative and collaborations making on the lives of the Solsing. She thanked each and every member of the organization and her Miss World Nepal 2019 team for their support and dedication towards her Beauty with a Purpose project.


All about Miss World 2019 Toni-Ann Singh’s successful three-day tour to Nepal


The next day; Toni-Ann Singh paid a site visit to Makawanpur and Sindhupalchowk; areas where the winning project of ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ is under construction. She was accompanied by Miss Nepal Anushka Shrestha and former Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada. After a look at the projects the beauty queens had a fun time with the local people as they spoke, danced and learnt how to weave. Toni seemed in her full spirits to visit Nepal and meet people with so much love and support.

This is the first visit to Nepal by reigning Miss World and the Chairperson of Miss World Organization in the history of 23 years long relations between two institutions. During their visit, the Miss World Organization team also spoke and discussed about the possibilities of Nepal hosting the Miss World Pageant somewhere in future. It sure was a successful fun-filled visit for the reigning queen in a yet another stunning country.