Pritha Manivannan for Miss World Malaysia?

25 Nov 2020 | Angelique Reyes

The delegates who have represented Malaysia at Miss World have performed exceptionally well at the competition and secured high positions. They have been able to mark their standing in the beauty pageant world with their impressive and strong performances.

The organization of Miss World Malaysia has already started to look for the next representative of Malaysia for 2021 edition and there are various potential candidates whose name has appeared for the position but Pritha Manivannan’s name has caught our attention as she seems like a potential candidate to represent Malaysia at Miss World stage.



Hailing from the city of Kuala Lumpur; Pritha is 26-years-old and stands 168cm tall and works as an actress, news anchor & producer. She seems like an ideal candidate to represent Malaysia at Miss World stage in future.

The diva is not new to the world of pageantry as she was the part of Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 and was placed at the top 11 at the end of the event finale. Pritha had shown immense dedication and determination towards representing the country at international stage which is one of the reasons why she has caught attention of the pageant fanatics for representing Malaysia at Miss World stage. She also won the award for Miss Dermalogica Healthy Skin and Miss Glojas Beautiful at the end of the event finale.

Pritha stands for equal opportunities for women and girls, and against cyberbullying. She used the platform to advocate and create awareness about how much it is important to create opportunities for the women and girls in the community. She mentioned, “Despite the fact that it is 2020, women are still fighting for equal opportunities. I believe that women have the power to defy all stereotypes that says “she can’t”. I believe women CAN. Women are leaders too. I believe women are equally capable and women deserve equitable opportunities.”



In her introduction video for Miss Universe Malaysia 2019, Pritha had mentioned that she always wanted to represent Malaysia at international stage to showcase the true meaning of ‘Malaysia’ to the world and Miss World could be the stage for her. #amplifyHer is her movement that stands to boost and support women, enhance their confidence, understand their capabilities, empower them, and most importantly provide them with equal chances at opportunities and education with absolutely no discrimination.

She is also a great orator as she speaks with utmost confidence and determination who believes that everyone is entitled to have their opinion and she takes criticism very constructively. She believes that when women and girls have equal opportunities, family, communities, and nations prosper. The diva has mentioned that her career as a new anchor and her stint at Miss Universe Malaysia has helped her to be confident, self-assured, and given her space to speak confidently.

With her experience and determination, Pritha Manivannan seems like an ideal choice to represent Malaysia at Miss World in future if she decides to participate. She could be a strong contender for the title and might even win the crown for Malaysia.