Miss World Philippines 2017 Sports Challenge Finalists announced

18 Aug 2017 | Angelopedia

Miss World Philippines 2017 Sports Challenge Finalists announced


The 35 candidates for Miss World Philippines went through a rigorous sports challenge designed by Victoria Sports. Clad in FILA Philippines gear, they were able to prove that a Miss World Philippines 2017 candidate goes beyond beauty. They are about strength and team spirit as well.

The 35 candidates were divided into 5 groups of seven and competed in a variety of sports and physical activities that tested the strength and sportsmanship of each one. The event went from shooting basketball hoops, kicking footballs to correctly performing sit-ups, leg squats, and swimming relays.

The contestants were divided into five teams/groups for a sports challenge event - Team Queendom, Team World Warriors, Team Victoria's Secret Angels, Team Dangerous Queens and Team Amazonas.

Based on their performance, the following were announced as the Top 7 of the Sports Challenge (Team World Warriors):

Shawntel Michole Cruz

Veronica Villones

Glyssa Perez

Faye Dominique Deveza

Ethel Abellanosa

Joanna Marie Rabe

Cynthia Magpatoc Thomalla

Besides Sports Challenge, the contestants have to go through the other pre-pageant activities like Fashion Shows, Beach Beauty, and Talent Show.

Let us have a glimpse from yesterday’s Sports Challenge: