Meet Natasha Assadi Contestant Miss Diva 2015

10 Oct 2015 | Angelopedia

Meet Natasha Assadi Contestant Miss Diva 2015


Natasha Assadi hails from the city of dreams Mumbai, India. She is a student and pursuing her studies from the University of Hertfordshire.

She is simply gorgeous and ready to deliver her best at the Miss Diva 2015. Natasha possesses a killer looks and a well-toned body that every girl would crave for. She is an absolute heart stealer.

The beauty queen from Mumbai is crazy about dancing, horse riding and kick boxing. She would admire a man who has qualities like super intelligence, honesty and kindness. Her favorite quote is “You have to dream before your dream can come true”. She believes in being sophisticated, intelligent and kind.

Natasha is a girl, who lives a disciplined life. She thinks laws are made for our benefit so she would never like to break any. If she gets a chance to give her contribution in making India a better country than she would like to enhance the education system of India and vanish social evils like corruption and child labor, and further work towards making India more clean and uncluttered country.

Her perfectly sculpted body and striking feature are a bonanza with her magnificent persona. Her favorite actor is Salman Khan and she would love to go on a vaccation with him, as she feels he is really funny and she will be safe with him. 

Natasha is all set to steal the show at Miss Diva 2015. What do you think about this gorgeous chick?? Do you think she will be the next Miss Diva??