Perpetua Sermsup Smith resigns from Miss Universe Thailand 2022

27 Jul 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

Perpetua Sermsup Smith, Miss Universe Thailand 2022 delegate and one of the mega-favourites for the crown, has withdrawn her participation from the competition to continue her education and prepare for a PhD program at Harvard.

Although it’s a sad news for the pageant fans, Smith is focusing on her education and that seems like an intelligent move. The main reason for resignation is the fact that placing at Miss Universe Thailand bounds the girl to a two-year contract which, in Perpetua’s case, would prevent her from finishing her studies.



Fortunately, Perpetua will be a part of the Preliminary show and the finals as well but her performance will not be marked and she wont have a chance of placing. She also took to her official social media as she wrote, “I will be submitting my application to Harvard University by December 1, 2022. I will be applying to the PhD in Marketing with the goal of focusing more on consumer behavior. I would love to take you all on my new journey and I will continue to pursue my passion. I hope to continue to inspire people to listen to their minds and hearts.”

“This has been a great experience and opportunity and I have learned that I really want to go back to school and get my PhD. I have always wanted to continuing my education and MUT ignited my passion for education. sadly,accepting a potential placement would prevent me from pursing my dreams. I understand that you may be disappointed and I am truly sorry. But if you truly care about me and my purpose then you will try to understand why I have to change my path. I promise I gave you 100% of my energy each an every day. I promise to always do my best. I gave you my all… i am proud of everything I’ve done and shown the world, but my journey for the crown will be coming to an end”, she concluded.



We do wish Perpetua Smith all the very best for her future endeavours.