Top 10 American beauties of 2019

03 Feb 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

USA, one of the major powerhouses in the pageantry, had a decent year in 2019 with the beauties performing exceedingly well at the international beauty pageants. While the country failed to win a major beauty pageant in 2019, it still performed quite well as they made a name for themselves. USA has already proven that the country takes its competitions seriously as the representatives are made to train with acclaimed people from the industry.

2019 was definitely the year where black beauties ruled the country with winning Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss America among others. It was a refreshing change to see in a diverse country such as USA where everyone is treated equally without bias. So, without further ado, here are the Top 10 American beauties of 2019 –

#10 Ghazal Gill

Ghazal Gill represented USA at Miss International 2019 as she won the chance by winning Miss International USA 2019 held on 28th June 2019. As Ghazal represented her country at the international pageant, the multi-racial beauty definitely won everyone’s hearts. Unfortuntely, the 23-year-old beauty failed to win a place in the Top. She is also no stranger to the pageantry as she was adjudged the fourth runner-up in Miss California USA 2018.


Ghazal Gill Miss International USA 2019


#9 Emily Irene Delgado

Emily Irene Delgado represented USA at Miss Grand International 2019 as she was awarded the title because of her confidence and strong character. She was a little apprehensive in the beginning about her journey in pageantry but as she won the national crown, she definitely showed her talent and grace. Unfortunately, Emily failed to win a placement in the Top 25 at the finale.


Emily Irene Delgado Miss Grand USA 2019


#8 Emmy Rose Cuvelier

Emmy Rose Cuvelier represented USA at Miss World 2019 as she won the right to represent USA through Miss World America 2019. Emmy hails from South Dakota and is an actress and a singer. She performed well at Miss World 2019 as well and placed in the Top 40 with her brilliant performance. Even though Emmy failed to win a higher placement, she did make her country proud with her eloquence and confidence.


Emmy Rose Cuvelier Miss World USA 2019


#7 Regina Gray

Regina Gray represented USA at Miss Supranational 2019 as she won the right by winning the title of Miss Supranational USA 2019. Regina was another one of the black beauties who raised the American flag high and at the finale of Miss Supranational 2019, she placed in the Top 10. Prior to competing in Miss Supranational USA 2019, she held the title of Miss Wisconsin USA 2018. She definitely made her country proud with her beauty and compassion.


Regina Gray Miss Supranational USA 2019


#6 Kaliegh Garris

Kaliegh Garris was crowned Miss Teen USA 2019 as she became the official representative of USA in Miss Teen International 2019. Following her win, she received national attention for wearing her natural afro-textured hair during the competition. Even though Kaliegh did not participate in the international competition, she sure has won over everyone’s hearts. She is staying with Cheslie Kyrst Miss USA 2019 and Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi, two very prolific and talented beauties and learning a lot from them.


Kaliegh Garris Miss Teen USA 2019


#5 Monica Aguilar

Monica Aguilar represented USA at Miss Intercontinental 2019 as she was appointed the national title by the official national organization. Fluent in both Spanish and English, Monica is a Biological Health Sciences student and an aspiring dermatologist. Monica is a true beauty with brains as she was awarded the National Chess Championship. With her beauty and grace, Monica competed in Miss Intercontinental 2019 and won the first runner-up position at the international contest.


Monica Aguilar Miss Intercontinental USA 2019


#4 Treisy Cuevas-Torres

Treisy Cuevas-Torres represented USA at Miss Landscapes International 2019 in Sihui where she was crowned the winner at the end of the event finale. She showed immense potential, sincerity and hard work at the contest to win the crown. With her winning the international crown, Treisy rose the American flag high.


Treisy Cuevas-Torres Miss Landscapes International USA 2019


#3 Emanii Davis

Emanii Davis represented USA at Miss Earth 2019 as she won the right by being crowned Miss Earth USA 2019 in June 2019. She was another black beauty who made sure that she rose to the challenge and represent her country with absolute sincerity and dedication. At the end of Miss Earth 2019 finale gala, she was crowned Miss Earth-Air 2019. It was a huge victory for the queen as she won the highest placement amongst all the beauties at the major international beauty pageants representing USA.


Emanii Davis Miss Earth USA 2019


#2 Alejandra Gonzalez

Alejandra Gonzalez made a name for herself in 2019 as she participated in Miss USA 2019 representing New Mexico and immediately became the crowd’s favourite. With her stunning performance, Alejandra placed as the first runner-up at the national contest. From Las Cruces, Gonzalez became the third state pageant titleholder to hail from Las Cruces. Being a first generation Mexican-American, Allie is her parents’ American dream. She definitely became our favourite even though she did not represent USA at an international platform.


Alejandra Gonzalez Finalist Miss USA 2019


#1 Cheslie Kyrst

Cheslie Kyrst represented USA at Miss Universe 2019 as she won the right to represent USA by winning Miss USA 2019. A licensed attorney, Cheslie Kryst became a correspondent for Extra in October 2019. The stunning beauty placed in the Top 10 at Miss Universe 2019 proving her worth in the competition. The black beauty stunned the audience with her eloquence, grace and elegance. She is definitely the one deserving to be at the top of the list for 2019.


Cheslie Kyrst Miss USA 2019