Turið Elinborgardóttir crowned Miss Earth Denmark 2015

16 Aug 2015 | Angelopedia

Turið Elinborgardóttir crowned Miss Earth Denmark 2015


At the splendid finale of Miss Universe Denmark 2015 held on August 15’ 2015 at AC Bella Sky Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark, 20 years old Turið Elinborgardóttir was crowned as the Miss Earth Denmark 2015. She succeeds Aisha Isabella Hansen, Miss Earth Denmark 2014. Turið hailing from Faroe Islands will now represent Denmark at the Miss Earth 2015 pageant.

I guess I was just curious to see if I had the looks to get in and I wanted to try something new.”, Turið on why she joined the Miss Universe Denmark 2015 pageant. Turið holds a deep inclination towards music. She started playing violin at the age of 4 but stopped by the time she was 14. Turið regrets giving up on Violin, something that she was really good at, and hopes that someday if given a chance, she would get back with her learning.

Just be yourself. Don’t let the spotlight change your personality, be fair and treat everyone around you equally. Do some good and I can assure you, it will come back to you,”, a piece of advice that Turið wants to share with young aspiring models. She looked absolutely breathtaking at the finals of Miss Universe Denmark 2015, wearing a deep neck white gown. At the same event, Cecilie Wellemberg was crowned Miss Universe Denmark 2015 and will now represent Denmark at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant. Cecilie Wellemberg crowned Miss Universe Denmark 2015. In addition to announcing the winners, Klaudia Parsberg , Laila Karim were announced as the runners-up of the Miss Universe Denmark 2015.