Miss Universe Denmark : Info

Miss Universe Denmark is an annual national beauty pageant held in Denmark that selects representatives for the Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss United Continent pageants. Between the year 1952 until 1986, Miss Denmark used to select one winner to represent Denmark at major beauty pageants like Miss Universe, Miss World etc.

However, between 1986-1995, Bo Andersen took charge of the Miss Universe Denmark franchise. Starting from 1996 until 2013, Memborg models operated the franchise. The current Miss Universe Denmark pageant operates as its own production under Anders de Voss, who owns ADV Productions. Aino Korva, the only Dane to place in the top 5 at Miss Universe, and Žaklina Šojic, the last Dane to place in the top 15 at Miss Universe 2007, are directly involved with the fundamentals of the new Miss Universe Denmark organisation.


Cecilie Wellemberg  from Rungsted Kyst was announced as the winner of Miss Universe Denmark 2015 at the finals held on August 15’ 2015 at AC Bella Sky Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark. Cecilia Iftikhar, Miss Universe Denmark 2013 of Copenhagen crowned Cecile as her successor at the end of the event. Cecile will now represent Denmark at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant.

At the same event, Turið Elinborgardóttir was crowned Miss Earth Denmark 2015and competed at the Miss Earth 2015 pageant. Mette Riis Sørensen was crowned as Miss International Denmark 2015 and competed at the Miss International 2015 pageant. Silvija Vukovic was crowned Miss United Continent Denmark 2016. She will be the face for Denmark at the Miss United Continent Denmark 2016.


Miss Universe Denmark 2014 Cecilia Iftikhar