Christina Mikkelsen shares her side of the dethronement story

11 Feb 2017 | Angelopedia

We reported earlier that days after arriving from Philippines after attending the Miss Universe pageant, the Face of Danmark Organisation decided to dethrone Miss Universe Denmark 2016 Christina Mikkelsen. The Organisation claimed that they have received information that Mikkelsen is part of a criminal investigation and that is the reason she has been dethroned. Christina was informed about this just before she was about to go on live TV on the Danish morning show on DR.

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Since then, a lot has been said about the issue. Christina finally broke her silence and took to her Official Facebook account to share her side of the story. She wrote...


Christina Mikkelsen shares her side of the dethronement story



Please share, so people will know

John Paul and Anders de Voss. I feel so sorry for you, creating a lie, so you had a reason to dethrone me. I went to the media, because we need to stop people like you, treating girls like objects. All proofs are out, how you told me I wasn't pretty enough, not skinny enough, or good enough. How you talked bad about every single of your title holders. The people you worked with only wanted to pay my ticket if they received photos of me with no clothes on. You stole my parents money, telling them you would pay them back for the ticket to Miss Universe, because you made a mistake with the ticket. You never even paid the franchise fee to Miss Universe!

Me and my lawyer have talked to the police, and there is no investigation in my name. I have never been involved in anything, so for you to create an accusation this dramatic, was a big mistake. I have not had any contact with Teodoro in 2 years, so the lie you're telling, everyone will know it's not true. I have told all medias to contact the police and have it confirmed.

I am an 24 year old old girl, who lives in Denmark with my family, Danish boyfriend and try to make a living. For you to want to ruin my life so bad, you must have a bad taste in your mouth.

But I will stay strong, and believe me, I have so many girls behind be that you have treated the same way.

I do not regret speaking the truth, I will still stand up for those girls who couldn't. Girls we are good enough, never let anyone tell you you're not.”

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