Miss Earth 2020 Delegates from South America

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Macarena Quinteros Miss Earth Chile 2020
Macarena Quinteros Miss Earth Chile 2020

Macarena Quinteros was crowned Miss Earth Chile 2020 on 25th September 2020 and is representing the home country for the title of Miss Earth 2020.  

The diva’s advocacy for the competition is based on her "New Cycle" Project in which she along with a team have been working on for more than a year, they faithfully believe in the importance of reducing the impact of the textile industry on the environment. She has been working on a sustainable fashion project, through 3D printing which she feels is going to be beneficial for the society. With Miss Earth 2020’s stage she can reach out to the masses and educate and create awareness about sustainable fashion choices. She also believes being informed about what is affecting the planet today is the most important thing and urges everyone to educate oneself and others to be more careful with our actions and decisions.

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