Miss Earth 2020 Delegates from South America

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Thais Bergamini Miss Earth Brazil 2020
Thais Bergamini Miss Earth Brazil 2020

Thaís Bergamini was crowned Miss Earth Brazil 2020 on 12th September 2020 and is representing the home country for the title of Miss Earth 2020.

The diva’s advocacy is about the ‘Protection and Preservation’ of all life that lives in Nature - Animal, Vegetal and Human life. She is especially focusing on protection and preservation of indigenous life. She feels that Miss Earth 2020 stage will give her a chance to talk about preservation and promote the right to life and habitat for the indigenous peoples. “I want to be the spokesperson for nature, the spokesperson for all-natural life and visible for the True Guardians of the Amazon. All lives matter, all indigenous lives matter, all nature is life. And they must be preserved,” she added.

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